Are Damian and Giannina From “Love is Blind” Still Together in 2023?

Giannina Gibelli When filming the first season of Love Is Blind in 2018, Damian Powers and she had their fair share of ups and downs. In 2020, Netflix launched an experimental dating show with a brand-new idea: singles tried to find a match and fall in love without ever meeting in person.

The point of the show is to see if emotional connections can be stronger than physical attraction, and Giannina and Damian seemed to have passed the test. Are Damian and Giannina Still Together in 2023? Let’s Find Out!

In this article, we will discuss whether Damian and Giannina are Still Together or not. Read the full article, to get all information.

Did Damian and Giannina Get Married?

Giannina and Damian went all the way to the altar, but they didn’t end up getting married. As the couple read their romantic vows with tears in their eyes, everything seemed to be going well. When asked if she would marry Damian, Giannina said, “Of course I do.

But Damian’s soon-to-be-wife was shocked when he said “I don’t” when asked the same question. Giannina then started crying, ran away from the altar, and fell to the ground outside while Damian tried to reassure her that he still loved her.

After the Wedding, Did They Stay Together?

Most people thought the couple’s relationship was over after the season finale when Giannina ran away from the altar and caused a lot of trouble. This is why everyone was surprised to find out on the show’s reunion episode in March 2020 that the couple was still together after deciding to try again after their wedding disaster in 2018.

The couple was determined to work on problems that had gotten in the way of their relationship in the time leading up to the wedding, such as Giannina’s comments about Damian’s lack of initiative in the bedroom.

Damian stood up for himself by saying, “You make me feel like I’m on a roller coaster, which is why I don’t start things.” He also said that Giannina was always worried about whether or not they should get married, so he didn’t know if she was “up or down.”

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Are Damian and Giannina Still Together in 2023?

Gigi and Damian’s relationship was very unstable during their season (they may have even given Peter and Victoria F. from The Bachelor a run for their money…) But, according to a source for the show, everyone who was close to it thought they’d both say yes on the day of the wedding. Instead, Damian told Gigi that she wasn’t “all in” for most of their time together, and they broke up in front of the camera.

After filming, they started dating, and on the reunion episode, they said that they were still together. But in 2021, they broke up for good (for good, this time). “It was a lot to take in, and the breakup was very long,” Gigi told Entertainment Tonight in August.


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People confirmed that Gigi is now dating Blake Horstmann, who was on the show The Bachelorette. A source said, “They’re taking things slow.” “But they seem to love each other a lot.” On the other hand, Damian’s Instagram shows that he seems to be single.

We’ve written a number of articles about reality TV. Nick and Danielle, Lauren and Nate, and Clayton and Susie are all examples of couples. You have been told whether or not they are still dating.

What Are They Doing Now?

Giannina is now a social media influencer for a living and has almost 2 million Instagram followers. Since her time on Love Is Blind, the actress has gone from having blonde hair to having brown hair.

People magazine reported in January that Giannina was dating The Bachelor star, Blake Horstmann Horstmann. The two met while filming a different reality show.


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A person in the know said, “They’re taking things slow.” “But they seem to be very happy with each other.” Damian also seems to be making a living as an influencer today, as he has 842k Instagram followers.

The 30-year-old seems to post mostly fitness-related content, but he also shares pictures from his luxurious life. Damian doesn’t seem to be dating anyone right now.

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