Anna Kendrick House Tour: Gaze Into Her Hollywood Hills With A “Resort Like” Backyard

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick just bought one house in Los Angeles for $6.9 million. Mila Kunis used to own a house in the Hollywood Hills before she married Ashton Kutcher. Most recently, it was owned by the drummer for the band Muse, Dominic Howard, who sold it to Kendrick. The listing on Dirt says that the 4,884-square-foot estate has everything she needs to live in a “resort-like” way.

Kendrick will be amazed by the beautiful views of the San Fernando Valley, the state-of-the-art screening room, and the main suite, which is better than any five-star hotel in a tropical location. We think that the recording studio in the attached guesthouse might be the best thing about the house. It was a natural space for the house’s former owner, Muse, but Kendrick can also use it to sing, which was her first love.

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Anna Kendrick’s House TOUR

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