The Glory Ending Explanation: Who Killed Myeong-o?

The Glory Ending Explanation: The Glory is a Kdrama about a woman in her thirties who plots her revenge on the people who bullied her in the past. Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, I’m Ji-Yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Yeom Hye-ran, and Jung Sung-il are among the cast members of this Ahn Gil-ho-directed drama.

In The Glory, we learn about a promising young architect who, due to persistent bullying, is forced to leave school. After years of meticulous planning, she eventually becomes the homeroom teacher of her bully’s child, while her tormentors go on to have normal, comfortable lives.

The Glory Recap

The Backdrop

After eighteen years, Moon Dong-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) goes back to the location that has haunted her dreams. So that she may turn into the nightmare herself.

In honor of her “School buddies.” There were five classmates that bullied young Dong-Eun in 2004: two males, Son Myeong-O (the adult version is played by Kim Gun-Woo) and Jeon Jae-Jun (Park Sung-Hoon), and three females, Choi Hye-Jeong (Cha Joo-Young), Lee Sa-Ra (Kim Hieora), and Park Yeon-Jin (the leader of the pack) (Lim Ji-Yeon).

On a regular basis, she was assaulted and tortured by the group. The pain and molestation that Dong-Eun endured as a result of the bullying prompted her to report it to authorities.

the glory ending explained

In contrast, Yeon-Jin, Jae-Jun, and Sa-Ra belonged to a more affluent social class. The bullies’ persistence in picking on Dong-Eun was made possible by the powerful personalities of their parents. Due to their higher social and economic standing, Myeong-O and Hye-Jeong played the role of lackey more frequently than the other three.

They benefited from the shield of Jae-Jun and Yeon-might Jin by doing their bidding. Throughout her time at school, Dong-Eun was subjected to sexual assault, physical beatings, scarring with a hot iron, and severe mental harassment. Kim Jong-Moon, the gang’s teacher, attacked her when she tried to drop out of school by citing the gang as the cause (Park Yoon-Hee).

Dong repeated Eun’s attempts to end the relationship was understandable. However, she was kept from drowning in the cold, shivering stream of trauma and insurmountable odds by the fire of vengeance burning within her heart. She continues on her journey and comes back 18 years later. Motivated by a desire for payback.

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The Revenge

As the old adage goes, “living well” is the ultimate retaliation. That certainly isn’t the case for Dong-Eun, but a healthy lifestyle and a surge of confidence are excellent places to start. Then Dong-Eun did what was necessary. Dong-Eun has begun learning to Go, an ancient strategy game, alongside his academic pursuits.

To accomplish this, she enlisted the aid of medical student Joo Yeo-Jeong (Lee Do-Hyun). Yeo-Jeong didn’t try to cover up the fact that he was developing feelings for her. It’s evident that Dong-Eun avoided emotions she knew could derail her progress.

Dong-Eun begins carrying out her plan as soon as she returns to the scene of her suffering. She moves into an apartment right next to Yeon-luxurious Jin’s mansion. Yeon-Jin has become a famous meteorologist and married to Do-Yeong, the wealthy and powerful owner of a conglomerate (Jung Sung-Il). Jae-Jun now runs family-owned jewelry stores and golf courses.

Even though she is high on drugs, Sa-Ra is able to sell her paintings with the support of her influential family. Hye-Jeong and Myeong-O, the gang’s two underlings, continue to serve as the upper-class members’ lackeys. Myeong-current O’s job title is “driver” and “errand boy” for Jae-Jun. Hye-Jeong is a flight attendant who still relies on the three privileged brats to satisfy her penchant for high-end fashion.

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In order to carry out his plan, Dong-first Eun’s foremost objective is to secure a teaching position at Ha Ye-Sol, Yeon-daughter high Jin,’s school (Oh Ji-Yul). This gains her an unlikely ally. Ye-chairman Sol’s school has a maid named Kang Hyeon-Nam (Yum Hye-Ran).

Dong-eun creates this unlikely partnership while investigating the chairman. Hyeon-Nam advises her on how to best use her connections to influence Ye-Sol and secure a teaching post at the latter’s school. In exchange, Dong-Eun would aid her in killing her husband. Who can she count on to not beat her and her daughter on a regular basis?

The Glory Ending Explanation

How does the “go” Game factor into Dong-revenge eun’s strategy?

It’s unlikely you’ve seen a revenge plot like Dong before. Eun’s Look at the timeless novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Edmond Dantes returns in the classic tale by Alexander Dumas as the Count of Monte Cristo. Richer and more powerful than his oppressors. In light of this, Dantes had no trouble carrying out the retribution he had methodically planned.

And then there are the violent tales of vengeance, like Tarantino’s “Kill Bill.” Beatrice Kiddo returns stronger and more skilled in martial arts than ever before. The Dong-Eun in this case is very different. There is no evidence that she is capable of physically defeating her oppressors or any of the hired goons they use on her. Nor is she in a better position to fight back against her oppressors financially or politically than they are. One would begin to doubt whether or not she actually has a well-thought-out plan for exacting revenge.

the glory ending explained

Contrary to popular belief, she does not. Probably. She possesses a winning combination of determination and perseverance. She says that she has bet her entire life, ever since she graduated from that school, and that she intends to win. At this juncture, her outlook began to be influenced by the tenets of the game of Go. Similar to Chess, the goal of the strategic game “Go” is to gain an advantage over your opponent by occupying more of the board.

Go has more possible moves than Chess despite its simpler rules. One can plan ahead and prepare, but one must also be flexible enough to respond to the opponent’s play. To put it another way, Dong-Eun is acting in this fashion. She has wreaked havoc in the lives of her tormentors by inserting herself into the middle of it all.

She does what she says she will do. There’s more to getting even than taking someone’s life. It’s slowly taking over more and more of her tormentors’ area. Additionally, the term “territorial” does not refer to any sort of financial or governmental control, but rather to the very necessity of survival.


There is some uncertainty and potential danger in her retribution scheme. She risks losing the game with one misstep. By way of illustration, you may form a partnership with Myeong-O. Myeong-O is the type of person who could put a wrench into any plan. He also had the opportunity to murder Dong-Eun. She is not exaggerating when she says she is willing to risk her life.

Who Killed Myeong-o?

Dong-first Eun’s port of call is her former abuser, Myeong-O. She first makes him one of her allies. Her plan is to leverage the group’s inherent power structure to cause internal strife. That she presents herself as Ye-instructor Sol is a major source of worry for Yeon-Jin. She also discovers that Jae-Jun is Ye-biological Sol’s father and uses this knowledge to drive a wedge between Jae-Jun and Yeon-spouse, Jin’s Do-Yeong. In addition, she regularly corresponds with Do-Yeong at the local “Go” gaming club.

Also, there’s Yoon So-corpse Hee’s to consider. Before Dong-Eun, So-Hee fell prey to the bullying gang. So-Hee sadly passed away. They all assumed she had killed herself. Murder was a secret known only to Dong-Eun and the perpetrator. Dong Eun gives Myeong-O the name of the murderer in order to extort money from him. It becomes out that Yeon-Jin was the murderer.

We can see that Myeong-O has been killed now. Since Yeon-Jin was injured in the foot, it’s likely that he also murdered Myeong-O, who was presumably trying to blackmail him.



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