How Old Was Amber Heard in Pineapple Express? Latest Info 2023!

Pineapple Express is an American stoner action comedy movie that came out in 2008. It was directed by David Gordon Green and written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The story is about a process server and the guy who sells him marijuana.

They have to run away from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after seeing them kill someone. Amber Heard plays Dale’s 18-year-old girlfriend, Angie Anderson, who is still in high school.

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Who is Amber Heard?

Amber Laura Heard is an actress from the United States. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, a horror movie from 2006, was her first lead role. After that, she was in movies like The Ward (2010) and Drive Angry (2012).

Heard was born in Austin, Texas. She is the middle daughter of Patricia Paige, who works in internet research, and David Clinton Heard, who owns a construction company.

Outside of Austin, the family lived. Heard’s father trained horses as a hobby, and she learned to ride, hunt, and fish with him when she was a child. She also took part in beauty pageants, but as an adult, she said she couldn’t “support the objectification” of women.

How Old Was Amber Heard in Pineapple Express?

She came into the world on April 22, 1986. So, the actress was about 20 years old when they started making Pineapple Express and about 21 when they finished. When it came out in July 2008, she was also 22.

How Old Was Amber Heard in Pineapple Express

Since Heard looks much younger in the movie than she does now, it’s not surprising that many fans want to know how old she was when they made it. Heard started acting in 2004, and he has also been in The OC, Hidden Palms, and Criminal Minds.

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Is Pineapple Express, Amber Heard’s First Movie?

Heard’s first acting jobs were in two music videos, “There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney and “I Wasn’t Prepared” by Eisley. She also had small roles in the TV shows Jack & Bobby (2004), “The Mountain” (2004), and “The O.C.” (2004). (2005).

She got her start in movies with a small part in the sports drama Friday Night Lights (2004). She then had small parts in the movies Drop Dead Sexy (2005), North Country (2005), Side FX (2005), Price to Pay (2006), Alpha Dog (2006), and Spin (2007), so this is not her first movie.

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What Was Pineapple Express all About?

In this movie, Dale Denton, who works as a process server and likes to smoke pot, goes to see Saul, who is his drug dealer. Before Dale goes back to work, he and Saul smoke the rare “Pineapple Express” strain together. He goes to Ted Jones’s house and sees Ted and police officer Carol Brazier kill an Asian man with a gun.

Dale throws his roach with Pineapple Express on it as he runs away from the scene. Ted figures out which strain it is and sends his goons Budlofsky and Matheson to a drug dealer named Red, who tells them about Saul.

Back at Saul’s apartment, Dale finds out that Ted is a local drug lord and that only Red and Saul have the Pineapple Express strain, so he could track down the roach. Dale and Saul decide they need to get out of town.

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