Its R Life Divorce: Why Did Kendal and Daniel Split Up?

Its r life divorce: In this article, we talk about the divorce papers that Kendal Rich of It’s R Life filed against Daniel Richard. Kendal’s long-term partner is Daniel, and they’ve been together for a while and have five kids. A change in each person’s circumstances led to the couple’s decision to end their relationship. Their happy marriage had existed up until that point.

What Is R Life?

A popular American family vlogging channel on YouTube, It’s R Life was formerly known as The Rich Life. Members of the Rich family include Daniel, Kendal, Evie, Brinley, Kapri, Sebi, and Hampton Rich.


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The channel debuted on August 1, 2016, with its inaugural video going live on August 7. Most of the videos on popular family vlogging channels have since been deleted. Some of their kids with their own YouTube feeds are Brinley, Evie, and Kapri. Scroll down if you want to check their youtube channel.

Why Did R. Life’s Kendal and Daniel Split Up?

Its R Life’s Kendal Rich has divorced their husband Daniel Richard. Even though Kendal and her essential Daniel had five kids together.

Once upon a time, the couple lived happily ever after, but then tragedy struck and they were divorced. Kendal’s Its R Life YouTube channel, where she frequently exposes details of her personal life with her audience, has contributed to the divorce’s widespread exposure.

Her devoted following was baffled by the couple’s decision to end their long marriage. They seemed to get along swimmingly. When word got out via web-based media, everyone was able to verify the rumor.

The R. Life Split Up of Kendal and Daniel Rich After revealing she had been undermined, It’s R Life’s Kendal Rich filed for divorce from her husband Daniel Rich.

Kendal left because of Daniel’s weird behavior

Only two or three of them have become widely known thanks to the popularity of their videos on YouTube. They are not obligated to make money off of their massive YouTube followings.

Kendal shared a great deal of personal information in her video and afterward expressed regret, stating she wished she hadn’t offered anything that may be used to spread lies about her without her knowledge or consent. She talked openly and honestly to her YouTube family about everything that was on her mind.

its r life divorce

She had to make the difficult choice to face her illness and be honest with her kids. Kendal admitted that she would probably get emotional when telling her story because she knew she and Daniel wouldn’t be seeing each other again.

She persisted despite knowing that many of her viewers would see the video she released as a shameless grab for views. As soon as she realized she was focusing as hard as she could on her ex, she felt waves of pride in her beauty.

She herself had been caught off guard by her decision to end things with her boyfriend. Rich had no clue that something like this could occur or that it would be so difficult to communicate ideas to those who have never encountered them before.

No matter how terrible her pain was, she knew she was fortunate to have people who might be able to help her. Exactly three days ago, Kendal uploaded a video in which she talked about how Christmas without her best friend would be different.


In her quest to resolve the issue that had led to their disagreement, she was completely honest and open. The ever-resilient Kendal kept quiet about the breakup for fear of upsetting her ex. She was pressured by her devoted fanbase to come clean, and she did so in a message that was later verified by the same fanbase.

They’ve been together for some time and seem to be content with one another. Upon learning of her husband’s infidelity, Kendal immediately filed for divorce. Her 1,000,000 and 36,000 backers made it possible for her to keep her promise to her five kids that they would never have to go without.

She made the independent decision to spend Christmas apart from her ex-husband, and she afterward shared a video of the holiday with their children. Customers said she was the toughest woman they’d ever seen. Because her army of devoted followers never fails to show up to show their support and comfort her whenever she needs it.

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