Is Famous Youtube Personality Blippi Married?

On YouTube and Amazon Video, Blippi is a popular children’s entertainment and educator from the United States. John’s Blippi character is portrayed with a childish, lively, and curious demeanour; he is always clothed in his trademark blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange suspenders, and a bow tie.

The Blippi videos are meant to be educational and appeal to young children. The people that follow him are interested in learning more about his private life. Let’s investigate the current situation of his romantic relationships.

Is Famous Youtube Personality Blippi Married?

No, Blippi is not currently married but the 33-year-old children’s entertainer, proposed to his now-fiancée Alyssa Ingham earlier this week.

John proposed to Ingham via a sequence of photos that he posted online. Photographer Matthew Takes captured the proposal in Malibu Beach, California.

“I got upgraded from boyfriend to fiancé!”  John appended a note to his message. “@alyssaingham I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you!” Ingham also posted the identical set of photos on her Instagram account, captioning them with the words “2015-forever 🤍🥺 I love you @stevinwjohn.”


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John was showered with well wishes on his and Ingham’s wedding preparations from adoring fans in the comments area of his article. who wished him and Ingham well on their journey to marriage. “Congratulations you guys!!! 🎉🎉 Beautiful couple! And those pictures are perfection!”

John’s Blippi character, created in 2014, has been a YouTube sensation ever since, and he has posted many videos there teaching kids about all sorts of things, from the alphabet to colours. The series may now be seen on services like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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When Did They Started Dating?

Alyssa Ingham disclosed her six-year relationship with Stevin John in an Instagram post of her own. Blippi’s adoring public seems to approve of the engagement.

Ingham and John’s dog Lyno were joined by a new family member in November of 2020, and Ingham took to Instagram to share the happy news. “Meet our newest family member (and Lyno’s new bff) Lily 🐾 Lily is a 1½ year old boxer-pitbull mix and we love her soo much 🖤,” Ingham wrote beside the adorable family photo.

Is Blippi Married

For the record, John mentioned to The Spinoff in 2018 that he might want children “down the road.” Furthermore, he explained to the media outlet the success of Blippi.

“Watching Blippi become part of children’s lives and so in turn it became a part of their families’ lives. Blippi is continuing to grow because these children really love Blippi, and now their parents are talking about it and spreading the love,” he said. “… I believe that children are super smart and they have good intuition. I think they can tell that Blippi is genuine and I have fun doing what I do. That’s one huge thing I have that big companies just can’t hire an actor to do.”

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Do They Have Any Child?

Blippi, played by Stevin John on YouTube, is a new dad. John, 33, announced on Instagram on Sunday that he and his fiancee, Alyssa Ingham, 28, have a boy they called Lochlan. The baby is the couple’s first. “Lochlan David John 3/9/22. Your mother and I love you so much! Welcome to the world!” He tagged photos of John and Ingham with their newborn and of Lochlan on his own.


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Lochlan was born weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and measuring 20 inches, according to John’s report to Mom and Dad. “He is so cute,” John said. “We love him so much! It has been heaven having him with us!”

Ingham posted the same set of pictures that John did, plus one of Lochlan wearing a baby outfit and another of her holding him to her bosom. “Welcome to the world, baby boy, we love you so much,” she wrote.

Pregnancy news from the couple was shared with the world a year ago. ’m going to be a Dad! @alyssaingham and I (are) so excited!!! Parenthood coming 2022!” John uploaded a message on the photo sharing app Instagram.

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Why Was He Absent From the Show?

John, who was once the show’s main attraction, has been noticeably absent in recent episodes. The new video without the original character was posted on May 8th, 2021.

Many fans were bewildered, and some parents were unhappy, because the new actor, despite having an almost identical infectious zeal and lovely attitude, was unable to fill the enormous shoes left by the original Blippi.

Is Blippi Married

Dozens of concerned parents vented their frustrations at the switch on social media. The parents were dissatisfied with the channel and with John for failing to anticipate that their children, no matter how small, would notice the discontinuity in cast members.

Photos accompanied a slide that read, “Due to popular demand, we are bringing more Blippi from the live show to you all! Don’t miss the launch of Learn With Blippi tomorrow on Blippi’s YouTube channel. Who’s ready?!” In the post’s photos, the always upbeat John can be seen, but when you advance the slides, the new actor’s face appears.

John has been working with children as an entertainer and educator for seven years, and he is expecting his first child soon. This 33-year-old and his fiancee, Alyssa Ingham, are reportedly expecting their first child together. It’s possible that John’s absence from his show due to the news is the reason behind it. Maybe he’s getting ready to devote more time to his new family.

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