Is Chelsea Handler Still Dating Jo Koy? All About Their Relationship

Is Chelsea handler still dating jo Koy: Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler broke up in July 2022, after dating for about a year. They are the latest high-profile duo to unexpectedly call it quits in 2022. The news stunned and upset their followers, who had seen only posts from the couple’s social media accounts displaying their obvious happiness and mutual adoration.

Chelsea believes she owes a lot of who she is today to the person she met in Jo. She addressed the breakup in an Instagram post, telling her followers, “being loved and treasured by Jo Koy has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.” The couple emphasized that their split was not the end of anything, but rather the start of something new for them. She insisted that Jo’s soul mate exists somewhere, but is the comic prepared to date again?

Is Jo Koy Still Single?

Following her split from Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy is currently available. The comedian’s career has been thriving since the separation announcement. In July 2022, his film Easter Sunday debuted in theatres, and in September 2022, his Netflix special Jo Koy: Life from the Forum became available to stream. ​​​​​​​

Jo has had numerous opportunities to discuss his dating life on the ensuing press tour that followed the release of both films. Regarding the breakup, he has said only brief things. He had nothing but glowing words about Chelsea and their time together, and he appears hopeful about the prospect of finding another love like theirs in the future. Jo claimed that even though their romance was finished, the affection between the two actors remained. ​​​​​​​

He doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to start dating again. However, around the end of September, he was observed canoodling with an unidentified brunette. They were spotted kissing in a Los Angeles coffee shop and afterward cuddling on a picnic blanket in the park. They haven’t been seen together in a long time. ​​​​​​​

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Jo Koy’s relationship history, including his marriage and relationship with Chelsea Handler

Although the stand-up comic is currently single, he has always been transparent about his relationships and dating history. The 51-year-old used to be married to the singer Angie King, better known by her stage name Nura Luca.

Joseph Herbert Jr. was born in 2003, and the couple divorced in 2013. Jo and Angie are friendly divorcees despite their rocky marriage. Jo called Angie his “best friend” in a 2020 appearance on Windy City LIVE. According to him, Jo and his ex-wife were co-parenting their son and hence living together at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

“Simply put, she excels. To some degree, that’s to be expected, especially at the start. And as we matured, we realized that raising our child together is the greatest thing for all of us “on the Chicago show, he reported. “It’s made such a positive impact on his life,” she said.

Even after he got divorced, Jo kept dating his old buddy Chelsea Handler.

Their professional relationship didn’t turn romantic until 2021, despite Jo being a regular guest on Chelsea’s late-night talk show, Chelsea Lately, from 2007 till it ended in 2014. Throughout their relationship, Jo and Chelsea were always gushing over one another in interviews and on Instagram. Despite Chelsea’s claim that dating Jo restored her trust in men, the couple announced their split in July 2022, after only a year of dating.


Chelsea announced the breakup of her relationship with her boyfriend of two years on Instagram on July 18. “I wanted to let you know how much it meant to us that you cared about our relationship. Exactly how much significance it retains. As well as how much faith in love for one another I have gained.”

Even though Chelsea said they were just taking a “break,” it appears that they have not gotten back together at any point. There is a new Jo Koy concert special on Netflix called Live from the Los Angeles Forum.

Are Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy Still Friends?

Jo has not been coy about the current status of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. He recently told ET that his efforts to reestablish a friendship with Chelsea were succeeding. Due to their long history of friendship, reconciling was simple.

If you want to know what Jo thinks the future holds for your friendship, she stated, “Wonderful friends, that’s what we are and always will be. We have a mutual champion in each other, so I know we’ll always come out on top, and she’ll do the same for me.”

The fact that Jo and his ex-wife/mother-son Angie King are able to remain on such cordial terms should come as no surprise. Angie persuaded Jo to move in with her and their son at the start of the coronavirus epidemic so that they could be close.

On Kelly Clarkson’s talk program, he expressed his desire to set a good example for his son in terms of how he interacts with women in the future. By setting a good example for his son, he may keep in touch with his exes and help them coexist peacefully in his life. Kelly Clarkson, who currently gives her ex-husband $200,000 in spousal support per month, praised Jo for having a positive outlook on her own divorce and separation.

In an interview with Windy City LIVE set to air in 2020, Jo will reflect on how fortunate he is to have his current friendship with his ex. He stated the divorce was difficult at first, but that he eventually adjusted. “As time went on, we realized how much better raising our child would be if we were together. Because of that, he feels such joy that “Then Jo spoke up.

Will Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Ever Get Back Together?

There was initial hope amongst viewers that Jo and Chelsea might get back together. There was still so much affection between them, surely they could find a way to make things work. The curtain has fallen on this era of the couple’s relationship.

Chelsea broke her silence about the rift between her and Jo during an interview with We Can Do Hard Things podcast host Glennon Doyle. Chelsea said she couldn’t bend to satisfy Jo’s wants, but she didn’t specify exactly where they diverged. Then she knew there was no future for the relationship and she ended it.

Chelsea and Jo appear to be handling the breakup with surprising composure. Whenever Chelsea discussed her own future, she underlined how positive she is about it. “My love was so enormous, it blew me wide open, and as a result, I’ve undergone a profound personal transformation. And as sad as it is to see something like that come to an end, I know from experience in therapy and from reading about the philosophy of change that every closed door is a new one “The comic said.


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