Is Harry Styles Dating Oliva Wilde for a Long Time?

Once again Harry Styles comes into the eye of the media due to his love life. If you don’t know Harry’s style then let’s glance briefly at him. Well, he is a Musician, Singer, and Songwriter. who was born on February 1, 1994, England. However, he started his carrer in the field which I mentioned earlier apart from that he got famous by becoming a part of a Boyband whereas following the group’s disbandment has enjoyed a successful solo carrer.

Let’s glimpse at the main topic which bought you guys here, who is harry styles dating? Then keep scrolling below.

As we all know many girls have come into the life of Harry Styles with whom he hookup and had a relationship. Whereas, have a look at his past relationship status and peek at how many girls he dated before.  The first girl with whom he was in a relationship is none other than Caroline Flack in the year 2011. That time Harry was only 17 years old when he met Caroline as an ‘X’ factor presenter. But Alas! with the passage of time they broke up after being criticized for the age gap.

After dated Caroline, Harry had fallen in love with the actress to whom you might be familiar, Emily Attack in the year 2012. But Do you the secret between the couples that they haven’t revealed their dating status until two years of relationship? Along with that, they decided to take a back step and move in opposite directions.

After spending 2 years with Emily, Harry moved on and goes into a relationship with Taylor Swift in the year 2012 to 2013. But their relationship was becoming toxic day by day and they finally broke up. Later, in 2013, Styles has with a girl named Nicole Scherzinger, later they hookup after 3 years when harry was being a member of the Biggest band.

Last but not least Harry found his dream girl and life partner with whom he is dating is none other than Oliva Wilde, who is also a prominent Actor, Film producer, Model, and Writer and Film Director. It’s not unfair to say her a versatile personality as she is doing so much work at one time. Whereas Oliva was born on 10 March 1984 in, the USA.

Now, move forward to when the couples first meet and how he feels attracted to Oliva after being with so many heartbreaks in his life. Whereas, Harry first meets Oliva in the psychological thriller whose name is “Don’t Worry Darling”. And with the passage of time, They become good friends and nobody knows when their friendship turn into a relationship.

Once the insider stated,

“It was only a matter of time before they got together”.

But they still keep their relationship quite private if we got any update then we will update here soon. As Harry and Oliva are looking stunning together.

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