Is Television Host Jimmy Fallon Married?

Jimmy Fallon is a popular television host, comedian, and actor in the United States. Because to his work as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and as the presenter of the talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” he has gained widespread popularity.

The romantic interest he played in 2005 helped the host of “The Tonight Show” meet the woman who would eventually become his wife. Learn more about Nancy Juvonen, Fallon’s real-life leading woman and producing partner, who is also “one of the loves” in Drew Barrymore’s life.

Is Television Host Jimmy Fallon Married?

Nancy Juvonen, an American film producer, and Jimmy Fallon have been married for a long time. 2007 marked the year that he tied the knot with the woman Nancy Juvonen, the couple had been together for close to 15 years.

Nancy was born on May 18, 1967 in the state of Connecticut, however she spent her childhood in Mill Valley, California. She earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a concentration in cooperative education from the University of Southern California.

Is Jimmy Fallon Married

Nancy first met Jimmy on the set of Saturday Night Live in the early 2000s. At the time, she was there with her good friend Drew Barrymore, who was serving as the host of that particular show. “I kind of crept in quietly, and all of a sudden Jimmy goes, ‘Hey, Nancy! You’re Nancy? Hi, it’s so nice to meet you, welcome!’ ”

Nancy recalled of meeting her husband on The Tonight Show last year. “And I felt just so embraced and cool, like, ‘Thank you! Thank you for welcoming me in.”

However, Jimmy Fallon and Nancy’s relationship did not begin to blossom until they began working together on the romantic comedy Fever Pitch in 2005. Jimmy and Drew both starred in the film, which was produced by Flower Films, the production company that Nancy and Drew had initially established.

According to Nancy, when it came to Jimmy, “He was just so friendly and fun and welcoming and he loved music,” After that, they remained in contact with one another and eventually ran into one another again when promoting the movie in London. After that, things started off on the right foot romantically.

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How Did Jimmy Fallon Propose Her?

In August of 2007, Fallon proposed the question to Juvonen. As Jimmy related during an interview, “He didn’t want to pop the question at a place like a restaurant, “because what if in 30 years the restaurant changes hands, now it’s a laser-tag place.

Is Jimmy Fallon Married

Now it’s like, ‘Kids, this is where your mom and I got engaged at the laser-tag house.# he said on the “Ask the Fallons” section of The Tonight Show in 2020. Instead, Fallon proposed while standing on a dock outside of Juvonen’s childhood home in New Hampshire.

“I said, in my head, ‘Don’t cry. Let her cry first if someone will cry,# he recalled. “As soon as I even remotely pulled the ring out of my pocket, I started crying. And I get down on one knee and I’m like shaking—my voice is quivering. It looks like I’m having a heart attack. Nancy’s like, ‘Are you OK, dude? Are you gonna be all right?’ And then I just said, ‘Hey, will you marry me?’ And you said yes.”

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Where Did They Got Married?

The wedding took place in December 2007 on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, which is owned by the billionaire Richard Branson. Fallon had discussed the possibility of having his wedding in a remote area with his travel agent, and he had revealed that the island that Branson owned would be his ideal venue for the ceremony. As it turned out, Branson was a major admirer of Fallon’s.

“[My travel agent] calls, he goes, ‘Richard is a fan, he likes you, so he’ll rent you the island for two days,’ I want to say?” Fallon revealed on yet another “Ask the Fallons” Tonight Show segment. Juvonen added, “It was like three days. We got this place for three days, so Jimmy goes, ‘What if we got married in three weeks, instead of next summer?’ And I’m like, ‘This is the best idea of all human time.’ So we had 12 people at our wedding. I just got a dress done as fast as I could. We didn’t care.”

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How Many Children Do They Have?

As a result of his marriage to Nancy Juvonen, Jimmy Fallon is the father of two girls. Winnie and Frances Fallon are the names he gave to his two daughters.

In 2013, Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, welcomed their daughter Winnie Rose Fallon into the world. At this point in time, she is nine years old.  In 2014, Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Frances Cole Fallon. At this point in time, she is eight years old.

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