The Serpent Season 2 Release Date: Who is Charles Sobhraj?

The serpent season 2 release date: A second season of The Serpent? It appears that the 2021 BBC One-Netflix series will be a one-off; nonetheless, the program’s success or failure may depend on the subject’s fate. The Serpent is mostly set in the 1970s and chronicles the life of notorious con man and serial killer Charles Sobhraj.

Tahar Rahim plays the role of Sobhraj, a jewels trader who posed as Alain Gautier and robbed tourists in Asia, in The Serpent. He was murdering tourists who may expose his crimes while living the high life with his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc, called “Monique” (Jenna Coleman).

The Serpent doesn’t say much about the inner workings of Sobhraj’s mind, but it does hint that he was narcissistic enough to think he could outsmart the authorities. The April 2021 Netflix broadcast will examine the efforts of Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg (Billy Howle) to identify “Gautier” and establish his connection to many homicides.

The Serpent follows Sobhraj’s criminal career and eventual capture over the course of eight episodes. According to the Netflix documentary, the protagonist had the opportunity to live freely in France but instead returned to Kathmandu, where he was arrested for murder.

The concluding credits of The Serpent give us an update on Sobhraj all the way through December 2020, and it appears that his narrative may end in an Asian prison. All the information we have thus far on whether or not BBC One and/or Netflix will air a second season of The Serpent can be found below.

The Serpent Season 2 Release Date

What will happen to “The Serpent” on the BBC iPlayer Channel has not yet been revealed. If you’re looking for a release date for the last episodes of The Serpent’s second season, you might want to look to Friday, December 29, 2023.

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The Serpent Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for “serpent season 2” but you can watch the trailer of “the serpent” season 1 and enjoy it.

The Serpent Season 2 Plot

The Serpent is based on real-life events involving a serial killer stalking Western visitors in Southeast Asia during the 1970s. Twenty travelers visiting Southeast Asian countries met their deaths at the hands of Charles Sobhraj. The first episode of the show is set in 1975 in Bangkok, the Thai capital.

With the help of his wife, Angela, the young Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg begins searching for a missing couple who were last seen in the residence of diamond merchant Charles Sobhraj. In the course of the show, we learn about Sobhraj, a man who is suspected of stalking and killing female tourists.

Sobhraj, the major suspect in the unsolved deaths of young Western tourists on the “Hippie Road” in India, Thailand, and Nepal in 1975 and 1976, gained their trust and utilized them in his own crimes, particularly in the diamond roguery, which required him to continuously travel with phony passports.


Having been wanted for fraud on three different continents, he was one of Interpol’s most wanted men. Diplomat Knippenberg becomes caught up in a lengthy tangle that affects numerous nations and results in the loss of many lives while he searches for Sobhraj.

In Real Life, Who is the Serpent’s Charles Sobhraj?

Burglar, fraudster, and serial killer Charles Sobhraj came from France. There have been at least 10 homicides, and it is thought that at least some of them occurred in Thailand, Nepal, and India. His victims disproportionately consisted of young people on budget travel.

There has been no definitive explanation for why Charles Sobhraj allegedly targeted or despised hippies. Even after he was apprehended, he continued to demand payment for interviews about his past, during which he admitted to the killings in a roundabout fashion. A five-million-dollar interview fee was allegedly among the sources of his wealth.

He allegedly amassed a fortune on the back of his infamous notoriety. Some of his words in the book by Richard Neville and Julie Clarke, released in 1979, can be interpreted as boasts about the killings he committed. But if he went to trial, he said he would swear he never made those admissions.

In one of his idioms, he claimed that he had never murdered decent people. Many of the crimes that Charles Sobhraj is suspected of committing during his lifetime have never been brought to trial.

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