How Nicki Minaj Defended Her Made In America Festival Nip Slip Incident?

Nicki Minaj made history on Sunday night in Philadelphia by becoming the first female rapper to headline JAY-annual Z’s Made In America Festival. Despite a little misstep, Nicki Minaj made history and became the first female rapper to do so.

Even though she had a problem with her costume during her performance of “Barbie Dreams,” the rapper walked off the stage feeling joyful and unconcerned about the incident. Minaj immediately followed her curtain call with a tweet that said, “I feel G R E A T.”

During the highly planned performance that Nicki Minaj gave, the front of her belted minidress opened up, revealing her bare breast and parts of her (thankfully) covered nipples. Minaj was wearing a minidress with a belt. The rapper, who is 35 years old, suddenly covered herself up and started her dance sequence after becoming aware that the event needed to go on.

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How Nicki Minaj Defended Her Nip Slip Incident?

At the time of the incident, Minaj was performing in a stage outfit consisting of a belted tiny top and matching underwear set. She had only recently unveiled her new neon orange hair. She moved her beautiful locks while breaking it down to display her chest, but she instantly adjusted it without flinching. She was wearing nothing but small sticker nipple covers.

She continued on as if she were a true queen and played some of her most renowned singles, including “Moment 4 Life” and “Majesty.”

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Then, while she was onstage, she made a reference to it by stating, “You know what? Let’s go at it. They done saw my nipples at least 50 times tonight,” and the person who posted the video captioned it, “Nicki not giving a f—k IS ICONIC.” The “Anaconda” rapper shared the video again on Twitter, this time with an angry face emoji.

Afterward, she replied to a supporter whose tweet said, “Last night Nicki’s tits said ‘To FREEDOM!’ And I don’t have a problem with it. Free yourself like Fantasia said.”

Nicki Minaj said that “They put on see thru pasties on me while heading to stage,” “I just KNEW they were my normal (non see through ones) chile… ummmm they were not!”

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction at Mtv Video Music Awards

Before this, while performing “Bang Bang” alongside Ariana Grande and Jessie J at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, the “Chun-Li” singer famously almost lost her dress when the zipper down the front of her gown broke way and she had to grasp it with both hands.

Nicki visited Ellen for an appearance and shed light on the events that led to the confusion.

Nicki Minaj Nip Slip

“We didn’t have a real quick change right there so it was literally my whole team standing there, holding curtains around me and it was pitch-black and I couldn’t see anything and right before it was time for me to walk out, they went to zip it up and nothing. And right there, I thought I died,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “I didn’t have no underwear, no bra, because I had just taken off the ‘Anaconda’ outfit. So I was butt a** naked!”

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Nicki dubbed Eminem her “husband” on Instagram shortly after her talk show appearance, leading fans to wonder if he is one of the men she is dating at the moment. But don’t expect a romance to blossom between them. According to Eminem’s camp, the two rappers are “just tight musically, and strictly in the friend zone,” as previously reported.

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