How Twitch Streamer Alinity Felt After the Nip Slip Incident?

It would appear that Alinity is constantly coming up with fresh tactics to grab people’s attention on big gaming news networks. The fact that it does not involve her pet in this instance is a positive development. In the past, we have witnessed Alinity give her cat alcohol through her mouth, toss her cat over her head, and of course, the notorious cat clawing her in a fit of vengeance.

Recently, she has made it her mission to break a brand new Twitch TOS category known as “Nudity” by performing a traditional Nip Slip. When you can see in the video that follows, she was making an effort to tuck a cushion beneath her shirt when she inadvertently grabbed her bra as she pulled it, which resulted in her left nipple being exposed.

How Twitch Streamer Alinity Felt After the Nip Slip Incident?

According to Alinity, her viral “nip slip” was one of the most traumatic experiences of her life. She claimed that she didn’t find it sexual. She disagreed and described it as “very gross.”  “I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s me making a gross face, and my t*t is there, and it doesn’t look good.”

Alinity Nip Slip

The Twitch streamer explained that she faced a lot more hatred after the “nip slip” event occurred because it occurred so soon after the “cat controversy” in which she was chastised for throwing her cat over her head during an Apex Legends Livestream.

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“Everyone made fun [of the t*tty flash incident]. They called me] ‘pepperoni nipples; you’re so gross, you’re disgusting.’ Every Tweet that I made, [people] would reply with a picture of [the nip slip], and I remember after that happened. I remember going to my bathroom and just wailing,” Alinity said.

The Twitch star added that she felt like she wanted to die because of the incident. “I never cried like that in my life where I was just sitting on the floor of my shower, just crying for hours and hours, like screaming. I wanted to die when that happened. So, yeah — that was probably the thing that affected me the most,” Alinity said.

The streamer stated that the incident did not bother her for very long and that she had moved on. Alinity also claimed to have gained little from the experience beyond the need to “take agency and strive to express [her]self and body in a more favourable manner.”

At the end of her live, the Twitch streamer said that the encounter had changed the focus of her content and helped her feel better about her physical self. To escape the constant flood of body shaming and harassment, she began streaming and creating her own entertainment.

Alinity Nip Slip

Why Did She Close Her Account?

Even though her breast was barely exposed for milliseconds, this should be a bannable/suspension infraction according to Twitch’s previous precedent. Using Twitter, Kaceytron vented her frustration at being treated unfairly after being barred from making a snarky joke about the Coronavirus pandemic on the Raj Patel show.

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Alinity’s relationship with the Twitch team has been the subject of rumours in the past. Every time she has an Incident like this, rumours of sexual impropriety or possible information blackmail begin circulating.

Despite the fact that she has never been held accountable for her alleged Twitch misconduct due to any concrete evidence, she continues to use the service without incident. A YouTuber by the name of Keem tweeted last year that he was aware of the “dirt” Alinity was holding over Twitch’s head.

The Twitch platform owned by Amazon has not yet issued a ban or statement, but Alinity has apparently banned herself from the service for three days.

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