Do We Expect Season 5 of Doom Patrol on HBO Max?

Doom patrol season 5: Jeremy Carver created the American superhero series Doom Patrol for television. The show stars Jane (Diane Guerrero), Rita Farr (April Bowlby), Vic Stone (Joivan Wade), Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer / Matthew Zuk), Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser / Riley Shanahan), and Chief (Timothy Dalton), who all play versions of their DC Comics counterparts. Even though Bowlby, Bomer, and Fraser are all reprising their roles from Titans, the episodes take place in different timelines.

The first episode of the series debuted on DC Universe on February 15, 2019. Both DC Universe and HBO Max premiered the second season on June 25, 2020. HBO Max premiered the third season on September 23, 2021. The show’s fourth season launch date has been planned for December 8, 2022, after being renewed in October 2021.

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Do We Expect Season 5 of Doom Patrol on HBO Max?

Based on his previous comments, Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver may have indicated that the cast and crew are ready to accept the show’s possible cancellation and subsequent continuation under the HBO Max banner. This appears to be in keeping with the method used by Stargirl on The CW, which concluded with two finales (one for the season and one for the series).

While the end of Season 4 has not been revealed, Carver may have written an ending that ties up any loose ends while teasing a follow-up in a way that doesn’t feel like a cliffhanger and might set up a Doom Patrol Season 5 in the future.

Rita Farr’s status as the Doom Patrol’s de facto commander has been alluded to by April Bowly, suggesting that she would be featured prominently in Season 4. It’s nice to know that after being put on hold for a while, the show now intends to develop the character more in what may be its final season.

The Producer of Doom Patrol Addresses Cancellation Fears

When asked by SFX magazine if Season 5 of Doom Patrol was viable, showrunner and executive producer Jeremy Carver discussed the show’s potential. During the course of the interview, Carver stated that he was not yet ready to cancel the show, suggesting instead that it will continue “as long as [there is] a fresh and innovative narrative to tell:”

“You can still produce high-quality stories if your authors are coming up with new and interesting ideas and your performers are committed to the project. The Doom Patrol, thematically, begins to ask this question to themselves this season: “Okay, we see we are going to perish.” To save ourselves, we must… The question is, ‘At what price?’

Even though Season 4 may be canceled, Carver teased that it could be reopened for “new and bigger adventures.” To paraphrase, “in answering that question, we start to realize where this specific chapter could potentially finish, to be reopened when and if necessary in new and better experiences,”


Rita Farr, played by April Bowly, was also interviewed by SFX to discuss her growth this season. When asked how Rita had evolved over the course of the show’s first three seasons, Bowly remarked that the DC superhero took her role “more seriously as a team leader.”

Season four sees her become a more responsible team leader. The Doomies will avoid her since she takes it so seriously. Madame Rouge will soon be taking her place.

How To Watch

Beginning on December 8, Season 4 will be available exclusively through the HBO Go and HBO Max streaming services. The first season of Doom Patrol on the defunct streaming service DC Universe came to an end in May of this year. Beginning in June 2020, and continuing through August of that year, the second season premiered simultaneously on both DC Universe and HBO Max.

When its third season of Doom Patrol debuted in September 2021 and wrapped up in November 2021, it was only available to HBO Max subscribers.

Trailer For Doom Patrol Season 5

There hasn’t been an official trailer for the Fifth season yet. Here, though, is the official teaser for the fourth season.

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