A man and 2 Kids Killed in Fort Collins Murder-suicide!

Fort Collins police are probing the deaths of a man and two children as a possible murder-suicide that occurred early Saturday morning.

At 10:25 a.m., a man found dead by police in the 350 block of Stratton Drive in Fort Collins called 911 to report finding three bodies inside the residence.

No one was home when the police came, so they knocked on the door and got no answer. According to the police, the SWAT team was brought in to help break down the door.

When police entered, they reportedly discovered the bodies of two children and a man. The official cause of their death was withheld.

Based on the first findings, police are treating the case as a possible murder-suicide. The cops said everyone involved knew each other beforehand.


A shocking and horrible event has occurred. Deputy Chief Greg Yeager: “Our hearts go out to the victims’ families. “Today is a tragic day for our entire community, and we will investigate the cause thoroughly.”

The identities of the deceased will be made public after the Larimer County Coroner has completed an investigation into the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

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