Bonnie Rotten Divorce & claimed her husband as a cheater!

Jesse James who has a versatile personality is best known as an Entrepreneur and an Actor. James was born on 19, April 1963. Recently according to the news, James divorced his wife who is also a prominent American model, and an Adult film actress who is recognized as having an Edgy style and many tattoos on her body.

Well, you are at the right place to know more about Bonnie Rotten’s Divorce and why it’s happening.

As we know Bonnie Rotten filed a file for divorce from her husband Jesse James on Tuesday in Texas. According to the report, One day after filing for divorce, she directly went back with Jesse. The fans of Bonnie Rotten are very Choas about their divorce, on one hand, she filed a file for divorce and on the other hand, she is returning back with Jesse. which makes no sense, exactly what happened.

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So, stay tuned we will provide you authentic information whereas, after spending summer vacations, Bonnie wrote in a post on Instagram via social media.

“Yeah, Jesse is busy trying to fu__g with other women while I’m pregnant.”

After glimpses of the post by Bonnie Rotten, Jesse James urges her to come back and I only love you by saying these words repeatedly. As Jesse James has also stated that in every couple there are some arguments, fights, and misunderstandings sometimes happened in our life.. but it doesn’t mean that we will divorce our partner, and so on.

Bonnie Rotten Divorce

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