Are Nathan and Holly Still Together?

Social Media influencer and a Model from Canada, who is none other than Holy Scarfrance was born on 17, December 1998. She was the cast of the prominent show on Netflix “Too Hot To Handle Season 3”. That show was shot on the Turks and Caicos islands using Covid -9, a safe method.

Scarfrance has done psychology instead of pursuing a career in this field she decided to pursue it as a model.

Well, Let’s move forward to the main question which bought you guys here, Are Nathan and holly still together? or they split. So, stay tuned to know more.

Lot of people are curious to know whether Nathan and Holly are still together.

Nathan Soan is a famous African fashion model and a social media influencer like Holy Scarfrance. Soan was a resident of South Africa. He was born on 27, January 1997, in Cape Town. Although Soan rose the fame after the renowned Netflix show” Too Hot To handle Season”.

Are Nathan and Holly Still Together

While Nathan started doing Modeling at the age of 19. He was also been in some popular brands such as ASOS, Boohoo, and others. Although he has a Networth of 1.5 Million dollars.

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Moving slightly forward, Nathan meets Holly at the show ” Too Hot To handle Season 3″. While they both have a little bit same profession as social media influencers.

Once in the interview, Holly stated,

“We’ve stayed incredibly close. I adore our connection… We are really respectful of one another. Not that it succeeded, I suppose.”

The show” Too Hot to Handle” reunion episodes, were recorded before the cast promoted the 3 seasons in the middle of the month of January.

Holly said in a video THTH posted a week after the series aired: “From day one to now we’ve always remained really close, we have a lot of respect for each other. I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out.” “I also had a few months left of getting my degree – I graduated,” Holly added. However, they’re giving us hope they’ve gotten back together after Holly posted a photo of them in Nathan’s hometown London, wearing matching jumpers in a cute mirror selfie while he kissed her on the head.

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With the passage of time, things fade up between Nathan and Holly. Finally, they revealed it in public via social media platforms too. They also mentioned we had a lack of communication with each other and don’t feel comfortable.

Whereas after glimpses of these two couples together someone Twit, let’s have a look below.

Nathan Soan has not revealed publicly via social media platforms about his past dating or hookup in his life. If we get to know any further information regarding Nathan Soan’s Dating History.

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We will Update here. So Stay tuned with us.

Get to Know some interesting facts regarding Nathan Soan

  • International playboy
  • Nathan is his nickname but he has no pet dog.
  • Brandon Hack Will is Nathan’s best friend.

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