The Noel Diary Release Date: Justin Hartley From “This is Us” Coming to Netflix?

The Noel Diary is an American romantic comedy starring Justin Hartley, Barrett Doss, Bonnie Bedelia, Treat Williams, Essence Atkins, and James Remar. In this article, we will discuss the release date of The Noel Diary, the Trailer, the cast, and much more. Please read this article for all information. In addition, if this article was useful, please offer feedback. Your feedback is precious to us.

Charles Shyer was in charge of making the movie, and Margret H. Huddleston, Stephanie Slack, and Ridoyanul Hoq were in charge of making it. Charles Shyer and Richard Paul Evans aren’t the only ones who wrote for the movie. Rebecca Connor and David Golden also wrote for it. The movie is set to come out on Netflix on November 24, 2022.

Let’s Have a Glance at The Noel Diary!

Name of Series The Noel Diary
Genre Romantic Comedy
Release date November 24, 2022
Director Charles Shyer,
Justin Hartley, Barrett Doss, Bonnie Bedelia, Treat Williams,

What Is The Noel Diary All About?

When famous author Jake Turner (Justin Hartley) returns home for Christmas to settle his estranged mother’s estate, he finds a diary that may hold information about his past and that of Rachel (Barrett Doss), an interesting young woman on her own journey. Together, they go on a trip to face their pasts and find out about a future that is completely unexpected.

Release Date of The Noel Diary

With a trailer on its YouTube channel, Netflix has made it official that the romantic comedy-drama film The Noel Diary will be available to stream around the world on November 24, 2022.

The best-selling novel The Noel Diary will soon be turned into a Netflix movie with the same name. Simon & Schuster says that Richard Paul Evans is the #1 best-selling author of more than forty books in both the New York Times and USA TODAY.

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What is the Plot of The Noel Diary?

The Final Midnight’s best-selling author, Jacob Turner, hasn’t been home since his mentally ill mother kicked him out when he was a teenager. It’s been over 20 years. As he goes about his normal life as a well-known novelist, he gets a call from the lawyer in charge of his mother’s estate a few days before Christmas. The lawyer tells him that his mother died last week.

The Noel Diary Release Date

Jacob goes back home 20 years later, not just because his mother left him a house, but also to think about the pain he went through when his mother was mean to him. He meets a woman named Rachel who is also looking for the estate when he gets to Turner’s house.

Rachel is looking for her mother, who used to work as a babysitter at that house. After Jacob finds out that his father is still alive, he and Rachel set out on a journey to find out the truth about their past and heal the deep wounds it left.

Who Will Be in the Cast of The Noel Diary?

In the movie, Justin Harley plays the main role of a son who wants answers from his recently dead mother. He used to work on the critically acclaimed and award-winning NBC show This Is Us, which debuted in September 2016 and won several awards. So far, this is everyone who has been cast:

  • Justin Hartley
  • Barrett Doss
  • Bonnie Bedelia
  • James Remar
  • Treat Williams
  • Essence Atkins

Is There Any Trailer for the Noel Diary?

Production Weekly issue 1241 says that The Noel Diary was made in Stamford, Connecticut, between May 24 and June 28, 2021. Canada’s Vancouver, BC, was used for more filming. Reporters from the area saw the production shooting on location. In May 2021, the Stamford Advocate said that the production was looking for extras.

In mid-June 2021, the Hartford Courant said that the Manchester Memorial Hospital was decked out for the holidays. Late in June 2022, just before the movie was done filming, the DailyMail published several pictures, including one of Justin Hartley on the set. The trailer is given Below:


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