Who is Michelle Boag? Know All About Michelle Boag Here!

Michelle Ann Boag is a New Zealander who works in public relations and was the head of the National Party.

Brief Information About Michelle Boag

Name Michelle Boag
D.O.B. 10 December 1954
Profession National Party president
Relationship Status  Married
Net Worth $5 million

Who is Michelle Boag?

After attending Auckland Girls’ Grammar School, she continued her education at Victoria University of Wellington, where she earned a BA in political science in 1977.

Boag was an active member of the National Party; he joined the Auckland Junior National Party in the 1970s. In 1976 she worked in the Prime Minister’s press office, in 1980 she became part of the National Party’s research section, and in 1985 she was the Opposition’s press officer.

Prior to working in public relations in Auckland and Wellington, she had a brief stint with Australia’s Liberal Party. She misleads the Winebox Inquiry by bringing in a phony video team to interview MP Winston Peters on behalf of Fay Rich white.

Boag served on the Dominion Publicity Committee and as a councilor for the National Party Dominion. She led the National Party from its establishment in 2001. During her presidency, she reenergized the party by removing the “deadwood” from the candidate pool.

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Due to this, Bill English was finally able to take the helm of the National Party. Eventually, under English’s leadership, the National Party would achieve its worst-ever electoral result in 2002.

Next Monday’s Speaker is Michelle Boag

With thirty years of experience in government, consultancy, and business public relations, Michelle Boag is one of New Zealand’s premier public relations professionals…

With thirty years of experience in government, consulting, and business public relations, Michelle Boag is one of New Zealand’s top public relations professionals. Former Press Secretary to a number of National Party Leaders and Prime Ministers, she has substantial experience in the non-profit sector as well.

Michelle spent five years with DB Breweries and a comparable amount of time with Fay Rich white. In 2002, after serving as president of the New Zealand National Party, Michelle established a recruitment firm focusing on public relations and communications professionals.

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Momentum Group of Companies, one of New Zealand’s largest privately owned employment firms, bought PR People in 2008. Michelle left Momentum in 2010, spent a year as an Executive Director at Ogilvy, and is currently a partner at Boag Allan Pirie Ltd, a strategic communications advisory firm for firms, organizations, and individuals wanting to influence corporate, political, and public sector results.

Michelle Boag Leak

Boag was involved in the 2012 Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) privacy breach after it was discovered that she had functioned as a support person for ACC claimant Bronwyn Pullar.

On 7 July 2020, Boag, the interim CEO of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, revealed that she had disclosed confidential patient information about COVID-19 patients. She shared the information with National Party MP Hamish Walker, who then shared it with the media.

This eventually led to her choice to resign from her position. The next day, Boag resigned from her duties as electorate manager and campaign manager for National Party MP Nikki Kaye.

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On July 9, she announced her intention to retire from the Simplicity Kiwisaver board. She resigned as a National Party member on July 10 after it was discovered that she had also discussed the information with Health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse.

Michelle Boag Blog Brief Information

Michelle Boag has over 40 years of experience working in politics, government, and strategic communications. She is currently utilizing her broad skill set to assist those looking to buy, sell, or leave a business in a way that totally satisfies their goals. Michelle has extensive expertise in the business world, and a remarkable network of people, community, media, voluntary, and professional organizations are behind her.

Michelle is aware of the particular difficulties experienced by business entrepreneurs because she has created and operated her own firms. She is eager to put her background in marketing, public relations, and advertising to use helping people who want to showcase their company in the best possible way to get the most out of the sale process.

“I truly like learning about and comprehending the principles of how a business operates. I am continually awed by the passion and dedication of those I meet who have started and expanded a business, and I want to see every business owner enjoy the full benefits of their labors.

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