Who is Jac Cordeiro?: What Does She Do for a Living?

Alex Rodriguez seems to have moved on in his life. Page Six says that the former Yankees star has recently been seen out in public with a woman named Jac Cordeiro.

The media outlet has said that the two have been spending time together. Read on to learn more about Jac Cordeiro and her most recent trip with Alex Rodriguez.

Who is Jac Cordeiro?

The stunning Canadian seems to be seeing Rodriguez romantically. The couple was captured holding hands and walking down Rodeo Drive while donning stylish sunglasses and dapper clothing.

Alex chose a relaxed look, putting a white T-shirt under a navy sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers. His female acquaintance was wearing a beige cardigan, white-legged pants, and a cropped coral jacket, and she was toting a costly Louis Vuitton shoulder bag.

The two were initially seen because no witnesses or media outlets had before mentioned them. Rodriguez is “very happy” and “enjoying” his time with her, a source claims.

“She is amazing! The insider claimed that she has two children and was formerly a nurse.

Jac Cordiero, a fitness guru from Canada and the creator of JACFIT, has about 66 thousand followers on her official Instagram account. Undoubtedly, her tens of thousands of followers are fans of her amazing figure. On the app, she routinely shares gorgeous photos of her physique.

What Does Jac Cordeiro Do for a Living?

Let us tell those of you who don’t know that Jac Cordeiro is a fitness guru. She lives in Canada. She is 42 years old right now. According to her Instagram bio, she runs her own fitness program called JacFit and is an entrepreneur.

When it comes to her personal life, the ripped beauty is a mother of two. She is also a nurse who has been licensed. Jac Cordeiro has a Master’s in nutrition. You wouldn’t be wrong to call her a fitness fanatic.

What Profession Does Jac Cordeiro Have?

Jac Cordeiro is a fitness expert, in case you didn’t know. She grew up in Canada. She is now 42 years old. According to her Instagram bio, she is a business owner and the owner of her own fitness program called Jackie.

In her personal life, the beautiful woman with a lot of muscle is a mother of two. She is also licensed as a registered nurse. Jac Cordeiro has a Master of Science in nutrition. She works out a lot, and that is not wrong.

Alex Rodriguez and Kat Padgett have been together in the past.
Alex Rodriguez and Kat Padgett broke up last month. They had been seeing each other for almost nine months. At the time, the sources said that even though the ex-couples broke up, they are still friends.

The insider said that they are great friends, but they are both single. Even though they broke up, they are still good friends. Nothing is wrong. There is no bad blood between Alex and Kat, who used to be his girlfriend.

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All About the Latest Outing of Alex Rodriguez and Jac Cordeiro

The businessman and philanthropist were photographed by the paparazzi on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California, on Monday. He wasn’t alone, though; he was with a mystery woman.

The former baseball player hit it off with the athlete, who at first was called a “mystery woman,” but her real name was found out later. Page Six says that Alex and Jac were seen walking down the street hand in hand. After that, the two of them went to a stylish store.

“Friends say he’s very happy and enjoying their time together,” a close source told the media outlet. He likes hanging out with her. She’s wonderful! She used to work as a nurse and has two children.

The source added that Alex is happy with his new girlfriend. “He’s great with her and really happy,” the source said.

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