5 Best Halloween Classics to Revisit in 2022? Latest Updates!

What are the best Halloween movies you can watch again this year? Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the movies that go with it, just like Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without its music. The jack-o’-lanterns, costumes, and candy apples are all fun, too. But how can you set the mood if you don’t play the best Halloween songs?

For getting into the Halloween spirit, nothing beats a movie night with all the best chainsaw-wielding, spell-binding, hair-raising films. You don’t have to be a horror fan to enjoy a good Halloween movie. Some of them aren’t even scary; they’re just full of October fun that we only have 31 days to enjoy. So get your extra treats, turn off all the lights, lock every door, and settle in for the best Halloween classics.

1.  The Addams Family

With such a superb all-star cast and hilarious script, The Adams Family is a picture that deserves more recognition. The movie added to the show’s humor, as it is always fun to see a dysfunctional family having a good time. The Addams Family is one of the best Halloween classics because the story is compelling and the characters are so entertaining.

It would take a very strange person indeed to watch this film and not find it hilarious in some way. We think everyone should check this out because it’s a great movie at any time of year.

2. The Movie Edward Scissorhands

One of the best Halloween classics, Edward Scissorhands is a movie of terror and beauty, making it a wonderful and singular experience to watch. One of the things that Edward Scissorhands’ fans liked best was its gorgeous, delicate, and enigmatic Danny Elfman soundtrack.

We recommend you watch this again as it is one of the best Halloween classics. One notable example is an angelic choir accompanying the Christmas-like imagery on screen in the opening credits. The photography was stunning, with brilliant inventive close-ups juxtaposed by really Gothic settings, such as when we first meet Edward in the gloomy mansion.

3. The Movie Corpse Bride

Despite how much more vibrant the afterlife was compared to life, Corpse Bride teaches its audience to appreciate the wonders of the living world, and the portrayal of Victor’s transformation from a timid man into a determined one as he first tries to leave Emily and then tries to make her happy for her own sake is fantastic.

Despite their differences, Victoria and Victor are able to tolerate one another and have expressed a desire to get married. Many viewers in the audience shed tears during the climax because they could relate to the blossoming romance between Emily and Victor, especially during their piano duet. Due to its suitability for viewing on Halloween, it has made our list of the finest Halloween movies of all time.

4. The Movie Beetlejuice

In Beetlejuice, death is portrayed more positively; according to the film, persons who pass away actually stay in the world of the living and are invisible to those who are still alive.

And the dead acquire abilities beyond those of the living, as demonstrated in several scenes involving Adam and Barbara throughout the movie, such as the ability to enter particular places, like the afterlife, and to change their features into grotesque and peculiar shapes that closely resemble fantastic Halloween masks, making it one of the best Halloween classics.

5. The Movie Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is one of the best comedies of all time, and even after more than 40 years, it still holds up. This makes it one of the best Halloween movies. Even though some of the special effects are a little old, they make the real ghosts look much scarier, and it’s clear from the start that all of the characters get along well.

They just seem to go together so well, and the jokes and puns are still funny and don’t feel old. The music from the 1980s fits well with the movie’s overall mood.

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