Top 10 Moments In Halloween Ends That Make No Sense! Let’s Explore

David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” sequel trilogy is over. One year after Michael’s 2018 rampage, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) babysits Jeremy (Jaxon Goldenberg). Corey is blamed for Jeremy’s death after a prank.

Without Michael Myers, he becomes Haddonfield’s new boogeyman. In “Halloween Ends,” Corey struggles to move on three years later. In the week coming up to Halloween, Corey dates Laurie Strode’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), and Michael Myers sends him down a road of murder and revenge.

10. Love Vegetables

Michael Myers has been traumatized more than Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Frank Hawkins (Will Patton) accidently killed his partner, Michael, in 1978. He blames himself for Michael’s killings and is nearly stabbed by the Shape on Halloween 2018. Frank and Laurie recover in the same hospital room and build a relationship that could lead to love.

9. The Worst First Date

Allyson invites her new boyfriend, Corey, to Lindsey’s Halloween party. The end of their first date makes little sense, even if they both wanted to commemorate this holiday. Corey and Allyson dance for the first time in years, hinting at a brighter future. Corey’s rendezvous with Jeremy’s mum goes awry.

Still heartbroken, she berates him for pleasure and calls him vile, possibly inciting his deadly wrath. Corey scowls and leaves, leaving Allyson on the dance floor.

8. The New Myers House

Corey invites Allyson to visit the Allen family estate, where Jeremy died, to make apologies for leaving Lindsey’s Halloween party. They can walk in because the house is empty. Corey must crawl through an open window to enter this deserted mansion with a four-story spiral staircase. Even the out-of-tune grand piano is still there.

7. Killer Connection

The 2019 Halloween Corey is a kind young man saving for college. Three years later, Corey has matured. Many Haddonfield residents don’t believe Jeremy’s death was accidental. Everyone Corey meets insults him, showing how much he’s loathed. He’s irritated and alone because of this brutality.

6. Disappearing Laurie

Green must create animosity between Corey and Laurie to pitch him as the “New Michael,” but she merely set him up with Allyson. Corey awakens on Halloween to rhythmic tapping at the Allen mansion. Laurie awaits Corey’s confrontation concerning her granddaughter. She wants Corey to leave Allyson alone for his sanity. This conversation lacks coherence, which is understandable.

5. Laurie the Freakshow

Haddonfield people blame Laurie for Michael’s misdeeds in Halloween Ends Laurie “provoked that man when [she] should have left him alone,” says Michael’s victim’s sister. The arrogant DJ says she “teased a brain-damaged man, and he snapped.”

4. The New Laurie Loves the New Michael

Allyson is instantly attracted to Corey, but he doesn’t reciprocate. He refuses her approach until Michael grabs him. This link with evil generates a yearning for Allyson; he becomes infatuated with her and eager to win her love from Laurie. Allyson senses their closeness and intends to leave town with a guy she’s known for a week.

3. Suicide Showdown

Corey believes Laurie wants to kill him after their encounter in the Allen mansion and plans to leave town with Allyson. Corey then goes on a murder spree that he believes will kill Laurie. Laurie lures Corey to her office by staging her own suicide, then shoots and kills him.

The trailer was suspenseful, and the fall recalled Jeremy’s death, but this makes no sense. Wouldn’t Laurie’s suicide solve Corey’s problems without him getting dirty? Everything seems geared to make the audience assume Laurie would commit suicide and to duplicate Green’s “Halloween” “Gotcha” moment.

2. Tag Team killers

After being thrown off a bridge by bullies, Corey appears dead “Halloween Ends.” in  We think he won’t survive Michael’s subterranean residence, even if he survived the fall. Michael, surprisingly, lets Corey sleep it off. He awakens and makes significant eye contact with Michael, which leads to his death. Thus, Corey becomes a Shape pupil, enticing a victim to the sewer, and demands Michael teach him to kill.

1. Wasted Potential

Michael and Corey’s relationship is complex, but their story’s ending is mind-boggling. Michael enters from the shadows to kill Laurie after Corey stabs himself. Corey clutches Michael’s foot as he passes. Michael snaps Corey’s neck. Why? Their reasons are incomprehensible. Corey killed Laurie. Why does he want Michael to fail? Why would Michael wish to kill his evil twin?

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