Who is Kawaki? Know All About Kawaki Here!

In the well-known ongoing anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Kawaki is a made-up character. Kawaki was formerly a part of the criminal group Kara. Jigen, the head of Kara, raised Kawaki and prepared her to eventually serve as Isshiki Otsutsuki’s vessel.

Later, Kawaki is taken to the Village Hiding in the Leaves. He resides in the Hidden Leaf Village with the Uzumaki Family and is looked after by Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Who Is Kawaki?

Kawaki makes his appearance in the series’ opening scene, leading us to believe that he assassinated Naruto, the Seventh Hokage or village chief.

Who is Kawaki

He was initially viewed negatively by the public because they believed he was the enemy. But as the show went on, viewers warmed up to him thanks to his character arc and growth (from the anime’s episodes 188–205 and 206-220 and the manga’s chapters 24-55).

What is Kawaki’s Full Name?

To the best of our knowledge, Kawaki’s full name is simply Kawaki. His father had a last name, but it was never revealed. Kishimoto hasn’t decided on a last name despite being adopted by Isshiki Tsutsui and Naruto Uzumaki.

How Old is Kawaki?

Despite not knowing his exact birthday, Kawaki is 14 when the events of the Boruto manga take place. He is currently two years older than Boruto and four years older than Himawari.

Who Are Kawaki’s Mother and Father?

Although Kawaki’s mother’s identity is unknown, we do know that the violent Kokatsu is his biological father. Given his obnoxious personality, many questioned Kokatsu’s claim that he was a Fourth Shinobi World War hero and a former shinobi in the anime.

He eventually became bitter and turned to alcohol to help him cope after all the hardships he had to endure.

He eventually gives birth to Kawaki, a son with whom he was violent. Indeed, Jigen visited their home to purchase he one evening after locking Kawaki up for accidentally breaking his liquor bottle.

Kokatsu readily agreed to the offer, publicly disowned his son, and then departed from his modest home with his newfound wealth. Kokatsu was revealed to be a ruthless individual who only thought about himself.

He was an alcoholic and easily agitated by nature, and he was quick to get angry. This is what happened to his son Kawaki because he frequently physically abused the child, particularly by depriving him of food for the smallest mistake and locking him in a room if he displeased him. He repeatedly called him worthless and empty while harassing him verbally as well.

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Because he didn’t care about other people, Kawaki even had to work at different jobs all over the city to buy alcohol. He realized how little his son was worth when he sold him to Jigen and moved on with his life without looking back.

Does Kawaki love Himawari?

Online, Kawaki and Himawari are frequently combined to form the character KawaHima. Even though we don’t really know if Kawaki is in love with this person, there is a lot of evidence to support the possibility of such a ship. Here are a few examples:

Who is Kawaki

  • Himawari receives an apology from Kawaki for the vase she broke.
  • Before Kawaki realizes how sad he made Himawari by breaking her vase, he won’t say his name or respond to Boruto’s rage.
  • Kawaki has never treated Himawari badly.
  • Himawari initially resisted Kawaki, but she soon warmed to him, and vice versa.
  • Kawaki is extremely sensitive to Himawari’s emotions.
  • Since he talks to her more politely and treats her differently than he does other people, Kawaki appears to have a soft spot for Himawari.
  • Himawari’s broken vase is being repaired by Kawaki, who is committed to working on it until all the pieces are in place for her.
  • Himawari thanked Kawaki for buying her a new vase and for making an effort to fix her broken one, even though she was unsuccessful.
  • When He faced off against Boruto, Himawari supported him.

What are the Abilities, Chakra, and Physical Prowess of Kawaki?

Kawaki is a powerful combatant. He was raised by Kara, and Jigen taught him many fighting techniques, including how to use weapons. He could destroy robotic puppets with no apparent difficulty and even easily defeat Garou, a member of Kara’s inner circle.

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He is not a shinobi, but if he learns Ninjutsu and other shinobi techniques, it is thought that he will be in a class by himself.

What Are Kawaki’s Abilities?

Isshiki Otsustuki’s Karma Seal is in Kawaki’s possession. An Otsutsuki, which can be used as a vessel for the resurrection of the Karma owner—in Kawaki’s case, Isshiki—can be created by the Karma Seal, which is compressed data that spreads into the wielder’s body.

After gaining his Karma back, He discovers Isshiki’s strength and abilities. He has the ability to use Space-Time Ninjutsu and absorb ninjutsu when in harmony with Boruto’s Karma Seal. It is expected that he will be able to use Space-Time Ninjutsu later in the series when he perfects his Karma.

In the manga, He has advanced further in the process of becoming an Otsustuki and has learned Isshiki’sDojutsu and its special skills. He can controllably shrink himself and other inanimate objects using Sukunahikona, and he can use his Daikokuten to store things in a pocket dimension.

Amado has added Shinobi-Ware modifications to Kawaki’s body. Kawaki has cellular-level microscopic technology implanted in him, turning him into a living Scientific Ninja Tool. Kawaki can change the size and shape of his arm at will thanks to his superhuman abilities.

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Naruto taught Kawaki shinobi and Ninjutsu while he lived with the Uzumaki family. He quickly mastered ShadowClone Jutsu and Fire Style.


In the Boruto anime series, Kawaki is a made-up character. He was formerly a part of the criminal group Kara. He was adopted at different points in his life by both Isshiki Tsutsui and Naruto Uzumaki. Kawaki is a powerful combatant.

Until he is old enough to leave, He will remain in Konoha under the Hokage’s supervision.

He was raised by Kara and Jigen, who taught him many fighting techniques. When in sync with Boruto’s Karma Seal, he can use Space-Time Ninjutsu. He has cellular-level microscopic technology implanted in him. Amado has added Shinobi-Ware modifications to his body.

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