Marjorie Taylor Greene Divorce: Husband Saying Marriage is ‘irretrievably Broken’

Since 2021, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. She is an American politician, businesswoman, and far-right conspiracy theorist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene got her high school diploma from South Forsyth High School in Cumming, Georgia, in 1992. In 1996, she got her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Georgia.

Marjorie Taylor Early Life

She was born on May 27, 1974, in Milledgeville, Georgia. When she was a teenager, she went to South Forsyth High School in Cumming. Greene went on to get a business administration degree from the University of Georgia in 1996.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Divorce

When Greene became a member of the House in 2021, he was in charge of the 14th district in Georgia. She is a Republican and has a lot of respect for former President Trump.

After Republican Tom Graves quit, it happened. In 2020, instead of them, a politician and a businesswoman were elected to Congress.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Net Worth

According to Celebritynetworth, Marjorie Taylor Greene has a net worth of $1.5 million. Marjorie Taylor Greene was chosen to represent Georgia’s 14th congressional district in the US House of Representatives in 2021. She is known for her racist, anti-Semitic, and violent speech, as well as for spreading many conspiracies about things like mass shootings and election fraud.

Marjorie Taylor Career

Greene got her start in business when her father sold her the general contractor business he had started, Taylor Commercial. She was called the CFO of the company from 2007 to 2011.

After this, Greene started training in CrossFit and got a part-time job as a coach at one of the company’s gyms in Alpharetta, Georgia. She and athlete Travis Mayer opened a CrossFit gym together in 2013. Greene left the business in 2017.

After Greene quit her job in business, she became interested in political plots. Starting in 2017, she wrote a lot of articles for the website American Truth Seekers, which is about conspiracy news.

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Later, at the beginning of 2018, she started writing for the website Law Enforcement Today, which spreads fake news. During this time, Greene worked for the conservative Family America Project, which encouraged violence against Democrats, among other things.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Divorce

Perry Greene, the husband of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, asked for a divorce on Tuesday, according to court documents that were put online.

The petition, which was sent to the Floyd County court in Georgia, said that the marriage was “irretrievably broken” and that the couple, who had been married for 27 years, had been living apart for a while.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Divorce

The extremist lawmaker told HuffPost through a spokesperson, “Marriage is a wonderful thing, and I’m a firm believer in it. When a man and a woman get married, they start a family to care for and protect. Perry and I started a family together and had three great kids.

He gave me the best job title there: “Mom.” I’ll always be thankful for what a great father he is to our kids. This is a private and personal matter, and I’d like the media to leave us alone for now.”

The spokesperson for Rep. Greene also gave a statement from Perry Greene.

It said, “Marjorie has been my best friend for the last 29 years, and she is a great mom!” “The most important thing we’ve done is raise our family. As we go in different directions, we will keep putting our attention on our three wonderful children and their future plans, as well as on our friendship.

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In 2020, Greene won a seat in Congress. Since then, she has become known across the country for her inflammatory speech, her unwavering support of Donald Trump, and her love of conspiracy theories. Before she ran for office, she and her husband helped run a family construction business.

Marjorie Taylor House

Greene recently spent $11 million to buy a very nice home. She lives in a big mansion with 5,600 square feet in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home has a Tennis Court, a Swimming Pool, 4 Bedrooms, and 6 Bathrooms. It also has a Tennis Court and a Swimming Pool.

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Before she was elected to Congress, she and her husband bought Taylor Commercial, the construction company run by her father. One of the first things she did was buy and sell a CrossFit gym in Georgia. The gym has stayed one of the most popular places in the country to train for CrossFit.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Liabilities

To figure out Marjorie Taylor Greene’s true net worth, we need to take away her debts from her total assets. Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken out more than $7 million in loans and mortgages from top banks so she can build her political career.


Marjorie Taylor Greene was born on May 27, 1974, in Milledgeville, Georgia. She is known for her racist, anti-Semitic, and violent speech. Since 2021, she has been the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. A petition was filed against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her husband Perry. The petition said that the marriage was “irretrievably broken”. The couple, who had been married for 27 years, had been living apart for a while.


What’s Marjorie Taylor Greene’s age?

On May 27, 1974, she turned 48.

Who does Marjorie Taylor Greene have as a husband or wife?

Greene, Perry.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has how many kids?

3 Children.

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