Shania Twain and Ex-Husband Robert Mutt Lange Divorce 2022: A Complete Timeline

Shania Twain and Robert John “Mutt” Lange were once one of the biggest power couples in the music industry; their divorce eventually became one of the scandals in the business.

Shania Twain gave viewers a closer look into her life and opened up about one of the most trying times in her recently released Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl.

We will learn the cause of Shania Twain’s divorce from “Mutt” Lange in this article.

Mutt Lange Early Life

Robert John Lange, Lange’s birth name, was given to him on November 11, 1948 in Mufulira, Northern Rhodesia (currently Zambia). His parents raised him in Durban, South Africa. His father was a South African mining engineer, while his mother was German and from a wealthy family.

Mutt Lange Divorce 2022

Lange spent his entire childhood immersed in music, earning the moniker Mutt. In his early years, he was a particular fan of country music. Lange attended Belfast High School in the current province of Mpumalanga. He started a band there, playing rhythm guitar and singing harmony.

Lange completed his obligatory national service between 1966 and 1967. He made the decision to concentrate on pursuing a career in music after finishing.

Mutt Lange Career

Together with South African television, film, and stage actor James Borthwick, Lange founded the band Sound Reason in 1969. The group was short-lived, and in 1971 Lange started a new one called Hocus. The group later produced one album and five single releases. In order to have more opportunities in the music business, he moved to the UK.

He started working seriously on his music production career in 1976, but he didn’t create any successful singles until a few years later. He began collaborating with the British band City Boy in 1976 and worked with them until 1979, producing five of their albums.

He created “Rat Trap” for The Boomtown Rats in 1978, which topped the U.K. charts. He also worked on Ipswich Town’s “Ipswich Get That Goal” FA Cup final single. Because Colin Viljoen, a player on the team who was born in South Africa, was on it, he consented to do it.

He produced the hard rock album “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC in July 1979, which peaked at number eight on the U.K. charts. By producing two more of AC/albums, DC’s including “Back in Black” in 1990, one of the best-selling albums of all time, he continued his collaboration with the band. Additionally, he contributed to Foreigner and Def Leppard albums.

Shania and Mutt Lange’s Relationship

The Grammy winner first met the producer in June 1993, two months after the release of her debut album. The album wasn’t a commercial failure, despite favourable reviews.

Lange offered to produce Twain’s subsequent album and was well-known for working with rock musicians like Def Leppard and AC/DC.

Mutt Lange Divorce 2022 (2)

The Woman in Me, a duet that served as the basis for one of the best-selling country albums of all time, was released in February 1995.

But before the album was even released, the couple’s professional relationship began to blossom romantically, and in December 1993 they tied the knot.

Despite the fact that Lange’s influence made Twain’s music more widely known, she has never shied away from emphasizing that she was the one who developed her own brand.

Additionally, the two worked together on the country singer’s two top-charting albums, Come on Over and Up! In the background, things weren’t always happy, though. Shania Twain contracted Lyme disease in 2003 after being bitten by a tick. Her vocal cords were damaged by the condition, which prevented her from traveling or making new music.

After a purported affair with Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a friend and former personal assistant who was then engaged to businessman Frédéric Thiébaud, the Canadian woman’s marriage to Lange allegedly ended five years later.

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Twain wrote in her 2011 autobiography, From This Moment On, that she was “ready to die” for the first week after finding out about the connection.

Shania Twain and Mutt Lange Divorce

In 2008, Shania Twain and Lange made a public announcement of their separation after John Mutt Lange was accused of having an affair with Marie-Anne.

Following Lange’s divorce from Twain, Lange and Marie-Anne continued their relationship despite their contemporaneous denials of the allegations.

I don’t see her ever, Twain said in a 2015 interview with the New York Post. I won’t let that trigger exist in my life. She is not my future; she is my past. “When I lost Mutt, I guess I thought.

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I believed that the suffering was… Similar to when I lost my parents, the intensity was there. You may be aware that it appeared fatal. “She spoke.

“With my death, it seemed as though my life had come to an end forever. And my grief over losing my parents lasted forever. I’m thinking about how I’ll never be able to move past this right now. 4

“I must therefore choose my next course of action. How am I going to escape the situation I’ve put myself in? Simply put, do you get it?

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She eventually found love with Marie’s husband, Anne’s Frederic Thiébaud, whom she has been dating since 2011.


Shania Twain and Robert John “Mutt” Lange were once one of the biggest power couples in the music industry. Lange’s birth name, Robert John Lange, was given to him on November 11, 1948 in Mufulira, Rhodesia. He produced the hard rock album “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC in July 1979.

The couple met after the release of her debut album, The Woman in Me. They worked together on both of her top-charting albums Come on Over and Up!

In 2003, Shania contracted Lyme disease, which damaged her vocal cords. Shania Twain and John Mutt Lange divorced in 2008. She said she was “ready to die” for the first week after learning of his affair with Marie-Anne. The singer eventually found love with Anne’s husband, Frederic Thiébaud.

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