Season 3 of Sex Education features Mr. Groff’s sons, Season 4 Premiere Date And Plot!

Fans of the show Sex Education have just found that Mr. Groff’s (Alistair Petrie) real-life sons make an appearance in the third season of the show.

After finding out that identical twins Cal and Brodie Petrie appeared in the most recent season of the Netflix drama as students at Moordale, we can safely say that most of us have performed a double take.

Petrie Sr. was the one who broke the news to the crew first, jokingly uploading a clip of his boys appearing on camera and saying: “The epitome of nepotism in all its glory. The performances my sons @brodie.petrie and @cpetrieee gave were fantastic “.


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At the beginning of this week, he uploaded yet another photograph taken on set with the two of them, and he captioned it “Attitude. Album expected out 2023.”

One of your fans posted on your website, “Did not know they were your kids that cool!” while another fan commented, “They most certainly have a cool dad in you.”

Petrie recently stated that Connor Swindells, who plays Adam, is like a genuine son to him. The viewers are aware of course that on-screen Mr. Groff is the father to Adam, who is portrayed by Connor Swindells, and they will know this.

Petrie tweeted the following in response to questioning on Twitter about whether or not they are connected in real life: “We’re not but I feel like we are. I am as immensely proud of him as I would be of any of my own sons because he possesses a skill that is absolutely remarkable. I’m glad you enjoyed watching the show. Sincere best wishes to you”

In a separate post on Instagram, he provided further clarification by saying, “Maybe it’s worth maintaining the mystery of ‘are they actually related in real life’ question being asked surrounding our imaginary relationship in Sex Education.” Therefore, the official response is “No,” which means that we are not.

“But… are we linked to each other? In point of fact, this is true in a great many ways. 2018 was the year that I was introduced to this young man with extraordinary abilities. Because of the young man he is, the person he is developing into, and the limitless capacity he possesses, I am filled with an enormous sense of pride.

“Blood may be the deciding factor in the headline when it comes to regulating what constitutes “related.” In this particular instance, it is not. Related? Yes. Certainly, and I’d like to use this opportunity to acknowledge that particular point.

alistair petrie twins sex education

“We appreciate it. Everyone who contributes to the field of #sexeducation is like a big, happy family. There wouldn’t be any of it without the devoted followers.”

Who, if anyone, is chopping onions because we can smell them?

Netflix, meanwhile, confirmed over the weekend that it will be renewing Sex Education for a fourth season.

Sex Education 4: Premiere Date

Although this was the only piece of information that was provided to us at the time through a school ‘news bulletin’ on Twitter, the producers of Sex Education have confirmed that the show will return for a fourth season in September of 2021.

The return of the show to production was announced in August 2022, and since that time, all that can be done is sit about and wait for everything to be finished.

In spite of this, production will continue for a considerable amount of time; in fact, Jim Howick mentioned to Digital Spy in an interview that they anticipate filming all the way up until the month of February.

Because of the pandemic, the third season of the show did not premiere in January, as had been the custom up to that point (which as we all know, threw a spanner into everything over the past few years). Instead, it was made available at the beginning of September.

The South Wales Argus, which has its headquarters in the region where the program is shot, reported that there have been appeals for school extras due to the fact that characters have been dispersed following the closing of Moordale.

As a consequence of this, we would hazard (ahem) an educated bet that the show is shooting for a premiere date of September 2023, provided that everything goes according to plan.

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Sex Education Season 4: Plot

After Moordale Secondary closes, Otis and Eric start at Cavendish Sixth Form College.

Eric is praying they won’t be losers again as Otis opens his new clinic. Moordale students felt they were progressive, but Cavendish is on another level.

Daily yoga in the yard, a strong ecological attitude, and lovely kids? Viv is confused by the college’s non-competitive, student-led attitude, while Jackson is still over Cal.

Aimee takes an Art A-Level, and Adam considers conventional schooling. Maeve lives her dream at Wallace University, where cult author Thomas Molloy teaches.

“Otis pines for her while adjusting to not being an only kid or the lone therapist at school…”

It’s on!

Moordale High’s closure at the end of season 3 was a symbolic life bomb for the pupils.

After becoming internet sensations for their frank sex chats and bawdy shows and films, the school board closed the place.

That forces ALL our teen characters to finish school elsewhere.

alistair petrie twins sex education

The school shutdown will stretch relationships and friendships to the brink… unless they come together to save Moordale before it’s too late.

After a kiss in France, Maeve and Otis are in “will they/won’t they?” zone. Is it a squandered opportunity now that Otis is closer to Ruby?

Maeve opted to move to the US to make her “disgustingly large brain even bigger,” leaving their relationship in limbo.

Heraclitus observed, “Everything flows, nothing remains steady,” and Maeve and Otis may never agree. Unknown.

Eric and Adam have parted since they have different sexualities. Eric confidently told Adam, “I’m ready to fly and you’re only beginning to walk”

Season 3’s focus was on people prioritizing their own mental health and learning to love and accept themselves. Self-love is the most crucial connection.

Adam’s familial issues are resolved, and he’s just starting his coming-out adventure. His enthusiasm for dog training could be featured in future episodes.

Aimee’s sexual assault on a bus in season two has forced her to split up with her boyfriend and seek counseling with Jean. It lets her grow without a guy as a backup.

“Aimee’s got all these voices telling her everything she’s been through,” Wood told Digital Spy. “Everyone’s trying to assist, but until counseling… She’s lost her dearest friend, Maeve. She’s been told, “Ditch Steve.”

She’s never been single.” Her fears come true. Oh my God, I’m okay, she thinks. “Despite all these scary events, I’m still here and okay.#

The biggest shock comes from the adults, with Jean nearly dying giving delivery in season three.

Jean’s pregnancy brought her closer to Ola’s father, Jakob. In the closing seconds of the finale, as she recovered in hospital, she learned the DNA results: “Jakob… you are NOT the father!”

Jean must decide. Does she lie to her partner to stay happy? Is she honest? Regardless, this won’t end well.

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