The Holiday Tv Series: the Holiday’s Murderous Conclusion Explains Netflix’s Jill Halfpenny Mystery!

Spoiler of The Holiday

It ought to have been Kate’s (EastEnders’ Jill Halfpenny) idyllic vacation. But then, The Holiday wouldn’t be such a heartbreaker, would it? A lovely Maltese villa with her dearest friends and their kids away from dismal England.

Soon persuaded that one of her friends—who just so happened to be vacationing at the same Maltese villa as them—was having an affair with her husband Sean (Killing Eve actor Owen McDonnell).

It makes sense why the series is currently one of the top 10 TV shows on Netflix UK.

Which of the other three women in the villa was it, and which was best friend Rowan (Siobhan Hewitt)? Jenny, Liv Mjöns’ college friend? perhaps Izzy (Cat Simmons) arrived late? As the group of friends and their young families assemble for a summer vacation, Kate notices messages between her husband and a mysterious woman identified only as “CoralGirl” that indicate she is nearby.

However, as the series’ mysteries and Kate’s conjectures deepen, episode three came to a heartbreaking conclusion when Izzy (Cat Simmons), who had been pushed off a mountain cliff and onto rocks below, was found dead. This shrub fire was unintentionally started by teenager Jake, and was made worse by the discovery that she had died.

Who Was Sean’s Other Girlfriend, Then? Who Killed Izzy, and What Happens Next?

Here’s how the suspenseful story unfolded as it reached its thrilling finish.

The Holiday Tv Series

Who Exactly Was Sean Having an Affair With?

To start with, contrary to first impressions, Sean was not having an affair. Instead, he was keeping something far worse hidden, and it involved their daughter Lucy.

Jennifer, Sean’s secret texting partner, was actually Kate’s best friend from college. At first, Kate thought Jenny was cheating on Sean with Sean, but Jenny has consistently denied this, alleging instead that Kate’s husband became envious after learning that Sean and Jenny had a one-night encounter when they were teenagers.

Jenny and Sean had a strong bond, but their one-night stand had been years ago, and they were now in cahoots for the benefit of their children, Lucy and Jake.

Lucy had called Jake in a panic before their holiday break from Chorley, explaining that she and the boy she liked, Alex Fraser, had been secretly caught having sex. The local youth had then spread the video as an act of revenge porn. She had been humiliated and distraught, so she had confided in Jake and asked him to kill the child for her in an angry voice message.

Most people would brush off Jake’s literal interpretation of the phrase as a (very understandable) fit of wrath. Jake took advantage of the situation and accidentally killed Alex with Lucy’s automobile. While out for a run, Sean saw the hit-and-run that left Alex for dead in the middle of the road and the automobile drive off.

After Sean and Jenny found out Jake was behind the wheel, they utilized the messaging app to communicate in secret and come up with a strategy to keep their children safe. Alex was taken to the emergency room immediately, but he did not survive his wounds.

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In order to avoid being implicated in their children’s misdeeds—especially since Kate was a police officer—Sean and Jenny tried to cover their tracks by concealing information from their spouses. Because of this, when she finally viewed the messages, it seemed like they were having an affair.

When Jenny found out that Kate was trying to meet up with “CoralGirl,” she sent Izzy in her place, leading Kate to believe that Izzy was the friend who had cheated on her with her husband.

On the way back from the airport, Izzy told Sean that she had planned to use the trip to come out as gay to her friends. There was even a girlfriend she’d been keeping secret back in her own country.

The Holiday Tv Series

Kate only learned the truth after her death when she read her diary and discovered what she had been hiding.

Who Was Responsible for Izzy’s Death?

Everyone Alex Fraser knew was thrown into disarray after his hit-and-run, especially as they awaited word on whether or not he had died. When he did, things quickly spiraled downward, and Jenny, in particular, took drastic measures to protect her son, Jake.

Even worse, she pushed her best friend and fellow high school senior Izzy off a cliff, so ensuring Izzy’s death.

Odette, aged 4, was present for the entire event, and she later revealed the details to her parents in a fit of tears. Just when it looked like an issue had been resolved, the rest of the group realized that Jenny had vanished, along with Kate and Sean’s little son, Danny.

Jenny, in a last-ditch effort, lured Danny away from the villa and into the kids’ secret clubhouse, where she falsely accused him of starting the shrub fire while brandishing the lighter she had used. Despite the scared kid’s protests that he was innocent, she insisted on taking him to the same cliff where Izzy had been killed.

By following his location with a tracking program on his phone, Sean and Kate hurried to save Danny and reason with Jenny, but she would have none of it. She had Danny by the throat and threatened to kill him if they didn’t keep Jake’s secret.

What Jenny had informed them about She claims Danny caused the fire (he didn’t; Jake did), but she’ll keep quiet if they promise to keep Jake’s hit-and-run a secret. It was an accident, she said, that led to Izzy’s death.

Jenny didn’t believe them when they said they’d help her, but they had. Fearing for her own life, she let go of Danny, but Kate dove to safety just in time.

Stunned Jenny hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to do.

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