Sikk The Shocker Net Worth: Who Is He And What’s His Net Worth?

American rapper and actor Silkk the Shocker have accumulated a net worth of $5 million throughout the course of his career. He is well-known for his participation in a variety of hip-hop groups, such as TRU and 504 Boyz, among others.

The veteran rapper from New Orleans has been making music professionally since the middle of the 1990s, and throughout the course of his career, he has collaborated with a variety of record labels. The following record labels are included: No Limit Forever Records, Shocker World, XLP Distribution, No Limit Records, Priority Records, EMI, Entertainment One, Guitar Music, and Globy House.

His real name is Vyshonn King Miller, however, he goes by the name “Silkk” more commonly. Romeo is Master P’s nephew; Silkk’s brother, and Master P, is Silkk’s older brother. The three individuals have collaborated to form the record label No Limit Forever. Silkk has made it onto quite a few lists of the “Worst Rappers of All Time,” despite the fact that he does have a respectable amount of devoted followers.

Silkk The Shocker Early Life

On the 18th of June, 1975 found Vyshonn King Miller was born in the city of New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana. He grew up beside Robert Percy Miller, who would go on to become the well-known rapper Master P later in life.

During his childhood, they were neighbors. Basketball was one of Vyshonn’s favorite sports when he was a young boy, and he finally developed a high level of expertise in the game. He also revealed in an interview that the Houston Rockets had made an offer to sign him to a deal at one point.

He went on to Explain: “Coming up, I did quite well for myself. Even while I was playing for the Houston team (the Rockets), I spent a lot of time with them, and eventually, they made an offer for me to sign a contract with the Houston club. However, what they were giving was something that I could make in a single show.”

Silkk The Shocker Career

Sikk The Shocker Net Worth

The middle to late part of the 1990s was a fruitful time for Silkk’s rap career. First, he inked a recording contract with Priority, which paved the way for the publication of his first studio album, titled “The Shocker.”

After the release of this album, he switched from performing under the moniker “Silkk” to “Silkk the Shocker” as his stage name. During the subsequent few years, Silkk worked along with a number of well-known rappers, such as Mia X and Mystikal, amongst others. In addition to that, he collaborated extensively with the group TRU and had an appearance on their album “True 2 da Game.”

Silkk had an appearance on the popular single “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” by Master P in 1998. This unquestionably catapulted him to prominence, and it ultimately led to ongoing success. After that, he worked with Mystikal on a project that resulted in the single “It Ain’t My Fault,” which was also a significant collaboration.

This turned out to be one of his most successful and well-known songs, and even now, he is largely recognized for this particular single because of its success. Silkk collaborated with Destiny’s Child to produce the single “Just Be Straight with Me,” which continued the trend of success that Silkk had been having.

Silkk had a very busy year, as seen by the fact that he still managed to participate on Mya’s hit single “Movin’ On,” which was taken from her debut self-titled album. During this time period, another significant contributor to success was the song “Charge It 2 Da Game,” which was certified platinum and performed well on the charts.

Made Man was Silkk the Shocker’s second album under his own name, and it was released in 1999. This album contained singles such as “It Ain’t My Fault 2” and “Somebody Like Me,” both of which were broadcast on popular music video and entertainment television networks such as MTV and BET.

In later years, it became abundantly evident that both of these songs were Silkk’s all-time best hits. On the song “Made Man,” which was produced by Silkk in collaboration with Mya and Mystika, the three artists achieved commercial success. The platinum certification, on the other hand, was in direct contrast to the critical appraisals, which were, at best, unimpressive.

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Silkk, who was intent on maintaining a prolific pace, issued the album “My World, My Way” in the year 2011. This album had chart-topping singles like “He Did That” and “That’s Cool,” both of which were featured on the album. On the album, Mac and Trina, in addition to Silkk, were contributors. The next year, in 2004, he released an album titled “Based on a True Story,” but the endeavour was, for the most part, unsuccessful.

Following a period of relative inactivity, Silkk the Shocker surfaced in 2010 with a freestyle verse that was uploaded to YouTube. After that, he quickly followed it up by releasing his very first mixtape, which he dubbed “All I Do Is Win.”

This occurred at the same time that Shocker collaborated with his nephew and signed a record deal with Romeo’s label No Limit Forever Records. During this time, he said that he was putting the finishing touches on a new album that would be titled “Incredible.”

Silkk would go on to release a series of tracks from his planned album over the course of the following few years. The songs “Don’t Give Up” and “We Ain’t Even Trippin” were among those played. During the middle of the 2010s, Silkk became more active on YouTube, utilizing the website to advertise the release of a new single titled “Business.”

One of No Limit Forever’s in-house producers, BlaqNmilD, contributed to the production of this record. In the latter part of that year, he uploaded a music video to his YouTube site that featured his tune “We Ain’t Even Trippin.” In the latter part of that year, he issued “Business,” which was the title of the third single to be taken from the album “Incredible.”

Silkk The Shocker Other Ventures

Silkk the Shocker has had a significant impact on the WWE over the years, and his work can be found on the CD “WWE Wreckless Intent,” which was released by the WWE. His contribution to the album was a single that was released under the title “I’m Coming.” The song has since been appropriated as the theme song for a number of professional wrestlers.

In addition to that, Silkk is well-known for his acting career. In the year 2000, he starred as the main character in the movie “Hot Boyz,” which was his breakout performance. Garey Busey appears in a supporting role in the movie, which was directed by Master P and also stars Master P. After that, he landed the lead part in the movie “More Money, More Family,” which he also produced and directed in 2015.

Silkk has previously stated, in an interview for the year 2020, that he was considering purchasing the New Orleans Saints. A total of $2.075 billion has been placed on the valuation of the New Orleans Saints. His precise words were as follows: “I have a strong desire to. I believe that at some point I will be.”

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