Angelina Jordan Net Worth: What Is the Net Worth of Angelina Jordan?

On this page, you’ll find information about Angelina Jordan’s net worth as well as her biography, husband, age, height, and weight, along with a great deal of other information. Angelina Jordan is a singer who is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million.

Angelina Jordan is a young Norwegian personality who has achieved a great deal of success. She is a remarkable singer who has received a great deal of critical acclaim over the course of her career.

\Jordan is a very accomplished singer who has competed in a lot of singing competitions and taken home a great deal of hardware. She achieved widespread notoriety by triumphing in the illustrious competition known as Norway’s Got Talent.

At the age of eight, Angelina Jordan made her television debut on Norway’s Got Talent. She became extremely well-known as a young singer when her audition tape went viral.

After winning the competition, Angelina Jordan gained international recognition. She immediately began singing a variety of tunes. Put a Spell on You, Fly Me to the Moon, Back to Back, Shield, What is Life, and many others are examples of her popular singles. Even though she is only a teenager, she has made some impressive accomplishments.

Her Net Worth

Angelina Jordan Net Worth

Angelina Jordan is a remarkable individual who has accomplished incredible things in her profession. Although she is only a 16-year-old youngster, her career has only just begun.

At the age of eight, she made her television debut on Norway’s Got Talent. Later, her singing went viral, and she rose to fame all over the world. Her early achievement came from winning the program as well. She received the visibility she had been seeking. Later, she became well-known for singing a number of hit tracks. Angelina Jordan’s current net worth is $5 million.

Her Assets

Angelina Jordan is a citizen of Norway and currently resides in the capital city of Oslo. She is currently in her teenage years and still resides at home with her parents. As she has not yet reached the age when she can legally purchase a home or other property, she does not currently own any. Despite this, she maintains a pretty extravagant way of living.

Angelina Jordan has quite a collection of automobiles, but because she is still too young to legally operate a motor vehicle, she is unable to use any of them. She spends most of her time driving around in an elegant manner. She drives around in a Jaguar, Range Rover, Mercedes, and other luxury vehicles.

Net Worth Growth of Angelina Jordan

Net Worth in 2022 $5.0 Million

Net Worth in 2021 $4.75 Million

Net Worth in 2020 $4.5 Million

Net Worth in 2019 $4.25 Million

Net Worth in 2018 $4.0 Million

Net Worth in 2017 $3.75 Million

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Angelina Jordan Biography

Angelina Jordan Net Worth

Angelina Jordan Astar, better known simply as Angelina Jordan, is a prominent figure in Norway who has achieved a great deal of success. On January 10th, 2006, Jordan was born in the city of Oslo, Norway.

Angelina Jordan was born and raised in Norway for the better part of her childhood. Since she was a very young child, she has always had a strong interest in music. In addition to that, she began her career in the professional music industry when she was only eight years old, which is extremely remarkable.

Her father, Gerry Christian, is of Swedish descent, and her mother, Sara Astar, has mixed Swedish and Iranian-Japanese ancestry. In addition to her, she has a sister who is far younger than she is. Despite the fact that her sister is not particularly well-known for her singing abilities, she has been in a number of her music videos.

Angelina Jordan began her musical career at an early age by competing in a number of singing contests held at her school. She is also well-known for her ability to play a number of different musical instruments, including the piano, guitar, violin, and flute, among others.

Career And Awards

Angelina Jordan began her professional career when she was just eight years old and appeared on Norway’s Got Talent. She performed a song titled “Gloomy Sunday” for her 2014 Norway’s Got Talent audition. Her singing video went viral on YouTube, and she gained instant fame. Her fame quickly skyrocketed, and People Magazine eventually featured her, as well.

Angelina Jordan also competed on America’s Got Talent later on. She got a lot of acclaims, but she didn’t end up taking home the prize. A later signing with Republic Records propelled her to stardom.

The song “Million Miles” was her debut hit. There was a lot of success with it online. She has another album out called Its Magic, and it’s been met with generally positive reviews. Little Big Shots, in which Angelina Jordan appeared, is a smashing success on the small screen.

Her Education

Angelina Jordan began her education at Oslo Waldorf school, where she was a member of the school’s music performance group and competed in a number of musical competitions. Additionally, she was taught how to play a variety of musical instruments at her school. Angelina Jordan has achieved a great deal of success as a singer, and she is totally committed to the art.

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