Brittany Murphy Net Worth: What Is The Net Worth of American Actress Brittany Murphy Now?

When she passed away in 2009, American actress and singer Brittany Murphy was worth $10 million. After starring in successful films like “Clueless” in the mid-1990s, she achieved widespread fame.

Before making her Broadway debut in “A View from the Bridge,” Murphy primarily starred in indie films like “Freeway” and “Bongwater.” She made a comeback to the big screen in the late ’90s with movies like “Girl, Interrupted” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous.”

Starring in films including “Don’t Say a Word,” “8 Mile,” “Riding in Cars With Boys,” “Spun,” “Just Married,” “Uptown Girls,” and “Sin City,” Murphy had a prolific cinematic career throughout the early 2000s. During this time, she also developed into a skilled voice actress, landing parts in “Happy Feet” and “King of the Hill.” Murphy unexpectedly passed away in 2009, and 2014 saw the premiere of her final picture, “Something Wicked.”

Brittany Murphy Early Life

Brittany Murphy Net Worth

Brittany Anne Bertolotti’s birthday is November 10th, and she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the year 1977. Her parents got a divorce when she was just two years old, and as a result, she was brought up by her mother in a Baptist household in Edison, New Jersey, together with her two half-brothers and one half-sister.

Even before Brittany enrolled in her senior year of high school, it was already abundantly evident that she would one day have a successful career in the entertainment world. Because of how obvious this was, in fact, her mother moved the whole family to Los Angeles in 1991 so that her daughter may follow this potential line of work in the future.

Murphy approached her mother with the idea of relocating the family to Los Angeles in order to advance her acting career, and her mother granted her request. Brittany mentioned in later interviews that her mother was one of the most important contributors to her success and that she “always believed in her,” which she attributes to the encouragement she had from her mother during this early period.

Brittany Murphy Career

Brittany began receiving professional acting, singing, and dance training in New Jersey when she was four years old. She was cast in her first role in the television series “Drexell’s Class” at the age of 13. Soon after, a number of new TV roles with programs including “Blossom,” “Murder One,” and “Frasier” appeared. Additionally, she was cast in recurring roles on television series like “Boy Meets World” and “Sister, Sister.”

Murphy’s breakthrough performance appeared in “Clueless,” which was released in 1995. Before obtaining a voice acting part in “King of the Hill,” she followed up with “Drop Dead Gorgeous” after a couple more small flicks.

She made appearances in films like “Don’t Say a Word,” “Just Married,” “Little Black Book,” and “Spun” in the 2000s. During this time, she also maintained her voice acting career with a part in the animated movie “Happy Feet.” Her premature death in 2009 put an end to her career after a few more high-profile movies during the 2000s.

Brittany Murphy Relationships

Brittany Murphy Net Worth

Although Murphy’s first high-profile romance was with Ashton Kutcher in 2002, over the course of her career, she dated a number of other people who worked in the entertainment industry.

She had a previous engagement with a talent manager by the name of Jeff Kwatinetz, and then sometime later, she started seeing a production assistant by the name of Joe Macaluso. At the end of the day, she tied the knot with the British screenwriter Simon Monjack in the year 2007. After that, the couple spent the final few years of their lives together at a house in Los Angeles.

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Brittany Murphy Passing

On the 20th of December in 2009, reports indicate that Brittany passed out in her house in the Los Angeles area. The emergency services were notified, and firefighters made attempts to bring her back to life while they were there. She was taken to a hospital in the area, but sadly, she passed tragically a few hours later after being taken there. Her death was ruled to have been caused by a heart arrest.

Her body was dissected in order to identify the reason for her passing; nevertheless, the medical examiner and the coroner both came to the opinion that her passing was due to natural causes.

However, according to her death certificate, the official cause of death was stated as “delayed.” After a number of months, the investigation concluded that pneumonia was the key factor in her passing away. Both anemia and drug intoxication contributed to the worsening of this condition.

After her passing, it was discovered that Brittany had been medicated with a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs prior to her passing. Even though she was not using the medications for recreational purposes but rather to treat a cold, the authorities said that it is possible that the combination of these drugs led to unpleasant effects. They did state, however, that she was not using the pills themselves for recreational purposes.

Despite the fact that the mystery surrounding her passing appeared to have been solved, her surviving spouse Simon Monjack was later discovered dead at the same home, in very identical circumstances to those surrounding her passing. It appears that pneumonia and anemia were the causes of his death as well.

Mold was one of the first things that sprang to people’s minds when they considered the possibility that anything within the house was to blame for the deaths that occurred there. However, the coroners determined that this wasn’t the case later on.

However, Brittany’s mother later asserted that toxic mold was really the underlying cause of both deaths, and she subsequently launched a lawsuit against the builder of the home.

Brittany’s father also passed away around the same time as her mother. After some time had passed, Murphy’s father came forward with what he claimed was a toxicology report that indicated his daughter had been “deliberately poisoned.” This served to make the situation even more confusing. The allegations concerning poisoning and poisonous mould have never been validated by any official authority.

Brittany Murphy Property

Brittany purchased a LA mansion for $3.85 million in June of 2003. Britney Spears sold her the house, and she purchased it. The bodies of Brittany and Simon Monjack would be discovered in this house years later. Sharon Murphy, Britanny’s mom, listed the house for $7.25 million a few months after Monjack died.

She made a profit of $2.7 million from the sale, which took place in July of 2011. For the most part, this was due to the home’s reputation as “haunted” after the owner’s unexpected demise, which was considered as a major obstacle to making a sale.

Eventually, a developer bought the land and tore down everything on it. In 2016, the developer who had built a new home on the vacant land put this remarkable structure up for sale for $19.75 million. In March of 2017, it was sold for $14.5 million. The property changed hands again in 2020 for a total of $12.2 million.

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