Now You See Me 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer!

David Gould will helm the third installment in the Now You See Me heist franchise, which he also wrote with Gavin James and Eric Warren Singer.

Both movies, which were distributed by Lionsgate, had their world premieres in May 2013 and June 2016, respectively.

In both cases, Alex Kurtzman, Bobby Cohen, and Roberto Orci serve as producers for K/O Paper Products, Summit Entertainment, and TIK Films (second part).

The first picture was a huge financial success, raking in $351 million on a $75 million budget, while the sequel was met with mixed reviews but still made $334 million at the box office.

Will there be a third installment of Now You See Me?

The suspenseful mystery movie will, indeed, have a third and final installment. Even before the second film in the series, Now You See Me, was released on June 10, 2016, the announcement of Now You See Me 3 was made.

According to reports, Jesse was concerned about the declining viewership despite the fact that he was thrilled about the positive decision made by the production firm.

Now You See Me 3

After the second movie’s box office performance fell short of what was anticipated, the man was concerned that audiences would lose interest in the planet.

On the other hand, moviegoers are quite enthusiastic about seeing the brand-new film.

Now You See Me Season 3: Release Date

The third installment of the Now You See Me franchise, also known as Now You Three Me, is scheduled for a U.S. release in July 2023.

The movie is under development in 2022 with Ed Solomon and Alex Kurtzman producing the picture under Lionsgate production from the screenplay of Top Gun Maverick writer, Eric Warren Singer.

The first movie in the series, Now You See Me, was released in May 2013, and the second movie in the series was released in June 2016.

In keeping with the established pattern, the third movie in the Now You See Me franchise was scheduled to be released in July 2019, but it was postponed indefinitely, and it still hasn’t been released as of 2022.

Since there has been no announcement regarding an official release date as of yet, we can also anticipate that it will be coming back in the near future.

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A Third Instalment of Now You See Me Has Been Held Off, but Why?

The majority of the cast members of the movie Now You See Me 3 were working on other Hollywood films such as The Adam Project (starring Mark Ruffalo), When You Finish Saving the World (starring Jesse Eisenberg), and The Man From Toronto (starring Woody Harrelson), which caused the production of the movie to be delayed.

In addition, the pandemic has proven to be one of the most significant obstacles in the way of delayed filming of movies that were originally scheduled for release in 2020 and 2021.

Because of this, neither the filming nor the production was finished on schedule, and the projects kept piling up.

Due to the fact that the actors that were cast in the picture also had other pending projects, such as Dr. Strange 2, they needed to effectively manage their time in order to cast in all of the films that were allocated to them.

It would appear that the performers have decided to cast themselves in different films rather than in the third installment of the Now You See Me franchise. However, this does not rule out the possibility that the movie may ever be distributed.

We shall be able to witness the entire group of magical heist perpetrators when the cast members finish the projects they are currently working on and then return to continue playing the roles they were originally cast in.

Now You See Me 3 Cast

It is anticipated that the majority of the core cast members will return for the third installment, along with several familiar faces, including Benedict Cumberbatch, whose participation was confirmed in 2017.

Now You See Me 3

Officially, the roles of Michael Caine and Dave Franco have been confirmed; nevertheless, we can also anticipate the other members of the magical thieves team to repeat their roles as the following:

Michael Caine portrayed the role of Arthur Tressler.

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jesse Eisenberg as J Daniel Atlas

Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes

Henley Reeves portrayed by Isla Fisher

Jack Wilder portrayed by Dave Franco

Merritt played by Woody Harrelson

Lizzy Caplan as Lula

Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus

Now You See Me 3 Official Trailer

As of the month of July 2022, there has not been the publication of a trailer or teaser that can provide us with a preview of what will take place in the future film.

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Now You See Me 3: Plot

It has been confirmed by Jesse Eisenberg that the plot of Now You Three Me would be different from the plots of the first two chapters. The personal lives of the Four Horsemen and the other members of the shadowy gang will take up a greater portion of the narrative.

While agents from Interpol and the FBI will continue their investigation from every angle to gather as much information as they can on the magicians. Fans of police procedural dramas are also looking forward to the upcoming eighth season of The Mentalist.

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