Michelle Branch Divorce: Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney File for Divorce!

NASHVILLE — Michelle Branch, a singer, has reportedly initiated the divorce process with her spouse of three years, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys.

In the six-page complaint that Branch, 39, filed in Nashville on Friday, less than 24 hours after she was jailed on a charge of misdemeanor domestic assault at the couple’s residence, she cited irreconcilable disagreements between the two parties as the reason for the split.

In the documents filed with the court, it is stated that “the parties are no longer capable of resuming their marital relationship and living together as husband and wife.”

The singer best known for the hit “Everywhere” is requesting primary custody of the two children she shares with her ex-husband, Carney, as well as child support. In the court documents, it is also shown that she made a request to be named as a beneficiary on Carney’s life insurance.

Branch and Carney, both 42 years old, have been ordered to attend a mandatory parenting class, and Branch is asking the court for an agreed-upon and permanent parenting plan as part of the divorce process.

USA TODAY has attempted to contact Branch and Carney’s representatives for comment.

On Thursday, Branch shared the news that she had ended her relationship with Carney. They have a girl who is just 6 months old and a son who will turn 4 this month.

“To say that I am totally devastated doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel for myself and for my family. The rug has been completely pulled from underneath me and now I must figure out how to move forward,” Branch wrote in a statement released to USA TODAY Thursday. “With such small children, I ask for privacy and kindness.”

Michelle Branch Divorce

The very same day, police from the Metro Nashville Police Department arrived to the couple’s house and arrested Branch after she informed them she smacked Carney in the face at least once during an altercation. Branch was charged with domestic assault.

An officer noted in the report that Carney exhibited no outward signs of injury.

On Tuesday, Branch was released after posting a bond of $1,000. According to the records filed in court, she is expected to make an appearance in court on November 7 in connection with a settlement.

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Michelle Branch Net Worth

The early 2000s album releases of American singer, songwriter, and actor Michelle Branch are what made her a Grammy Award winner. Michelle Branch has a $15 million net worth.

At age three, she began singing, and at age eight, she began voice lessons. She received a guitar for her 14th birthday, learned herself how to play it, and penned her first song. In 1998, her independent album Broken Bracelet was funded by her parents. Branch uploaded two tracks to the Rolling Stone website in 1999, and the pop group Hanson and music producer Jeff Rabhan took note. She joined Maverick Records in 2001.

Her significant debut, The Spirit Room, came out in 2001. The popular song “Everywhere” from the album received the 2002 MTV Video Music Award for Viewer’s Choice. Over two million copies of the album were sold in the United States, earning it Double Platinum certification. In 2003, she and Santana shared a Grammy Award for “The Game of Love.” On the Billboard 200 chart, her second album, Hotel Paper, debuted at number one in 2003.

Her Early Life

Branch was born in Sedona, Arizona on July 2, 1983 to parents David and Peggy Branch. His birthday is July 2. Her mother is of French and Dutch-Indonesian descent, while her Irish ancestry comes from her father. She spent her childhood alongside her younger sister, Nicole, and her older brother, David.

Branch first started singing when she was three years old, and when she was eight years old, she began taking voice lessons. After receiving a guitar for her 14th birthday, she decided to teach herself how to play. After only a week of having the guitar, she had already written the first song she ever played on it. Branch initially enrolled in Sedona Red Rock High School, but then made the decision to complete her secondary education from home so that she could concentrate on her music career.


Michelle Branch Divorce

The branch began his musical career by securing singing jobs in the Sedona area. Sheryl Crow, Lisa Loeb, Fleetwood Mac, and Jewel were just a few of the artists whose songs she covered frequently.

After posting a handful of her songs on the “Rolling Stone” website, she came to the attention of the band Hanson, which ultimately led to her being given the opportunity to serve as an opening act for the band twice in the year 2000.

Broken Bracelet was the name of a self-produced album that was published by Branch in June of 2000. The album comprised a variety of songs that Branch had been working on since she was 14 years old.

Twin Dragon Records, an independent record label, was the one that distributed the album to the public. She signed a recording deal with Maverick Records the following year, in 2001, after it had been offered to her. While she was there, she started collaborating with John Shanks in order to produce her first album and make her debut with a major label.

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