Lil Tay Net Worth: Who Is Lil Tay And What Is Her Fortune in 2022?

Lil Tay is a well-known rapper who became famous mostly for her shenanigans on her many social media accounts. She was born on July 29, 2007. She believes that she is the youngest person to ever flex on the internet.

Lil Tay rose to prominence on the internet as a result of her social media posts, in which she frequently used vulgar language and flaunted her wealth.

She flaunted the fact that she had a lot of money and that she owned costly clothes and cars, which attracted the attention of many people all over the world and helped her become a viral sensation in a short amount of time.

Check out this article to learn more about Lil Tay, including his age, net worth, wiki, bio, real name, mother, father, brother, and birthday.

Lil Tay: Age And More

In terms of her age, Lil Tay will be 15 years old in the year 2022. Since Lil Tay’s birthday is on the 29th of July, her zodiac sign is Leo because of the day of her birth. She was born in Vancouver and reared there, but she lied about where she was from on the internet, claiming that Atlanta, Georgia, was her hometown.

Her father discovered the lie later. She has a Canadian father and a Chinese mother, therefore Lil Tay is a multiracial person who also happens to have Canadian nationality. It has been assumed by a number of different places on the internet that she is a Christian.

Early Life

Lil Tay Net Worth

The Canadian Christopher John Hope and the Chinese Angela Tian are the parents of Lil Tay. Christopher John Hope is Lil Tay’s father, while Angela Tian is his mother. She has a half brother by the name of Jason Tian, and he is the one who helped her become famous online.

She spent her childhood in Vancouver, but she relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career as a rapper. She returned to her hometown after taking a break from her rapping career, and she currently lives there.


Lil Tay took advantage of the attention that she received when her social media posts received thousands of views to advance her career as a rapper. She gained notoriety for having a particularly foul vocabulary and for verbally engaging in conflict with other prominent figures on social media.

Her mother and brother assisted her throughout her studies, and they eventually relocated to Los Angeles so that she could pursue a successful career in the music industry there.

In April of 2018, she made her debut with an official single titled “Money Way,” which was met with a variety of reactions from critics. However, her father did not approve of her shenanigans on the internet, and he insisted that she move back in with him and take her professional life much more seriously than she had been doing up until that point.

Since that time, she has deactivated the most of her social media accounts, and she now leads a sedate existence in her hometown. Despite this, Lil Tay may once again find herself in the public eye in the not-too-distant future because she has a significant distance to travel in her life.

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Lil Tay’s Net Worth

Lil Tay Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Lil Tay has a net worth of half a million dollars. She became an internet star and has thousands of followers, so it is reasonable to assume that she has earned a respectable sum of money from the views on her YouTube channel and the commercial endorsements she has posted on her other social media sites.

Height And More

For the height, Lil Tay stands at a height of 4 feet and 9 inches. Her weight is estimated to be somewhere around 40 kg, and as of this moment, she does not have any tattoos on her body. Her original hair color is black, but she has lightened it with bleaching treatments, and her eyes are a dark brown tint. It is estimated that her shoe size is a 5 in US.

Boyfriend And Dating

Lil Tay hasn’t been in a relationship yet. Her relationship with a boy has never been reported in the public.

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