City Girls Net Worth: How Rich Is City Girls In 2022?

A lot of attention is being paid to the two American female rappers known as The City Girls. City Girls is estimated to have a net worth of roughly $10 million in 2022. Female empowerment in hip-hop has been highlighted most effectively by Yung Miami and JT. Take a look at how much money the City Girls make on a regular basis.

Members Yung Miami and JT
City Girls net worth $10 million
Yung Miami net worth $2 million
JT net worth $2 million
Occupation Rappers

City Girls Earnings

According to Yung Miami and JT, who have been quoted as saying that they charge $40,000 for single TV appearances and make more than $15,000 for club appearances, the monthly earnings of City Girls show that these figures are accurate. In their capacity as influencers, they maintain a number of Instagram accounts in addition to a Youtube channel.

City Girls Relationships

City Girls Net Worth

JT City Girls and Miami are in a romance and don’t hide it. JT allegedly dates Lil Uzi Vert.

Her Yung Miami boyfriend and marriage suggest she has a son called Jai Higgins. Her prior relationship produced the kid. Jai’s son’s father was gunshot-killed in 2020. Yung Miami and Southside welcomed Summer in October 2019.

JT and Lil Uzi Vert’s relationship has been well reported. Lil Uzi is Jatavia Shakara Johnson’s boyfriend.

Jatavia Shakara Johnson is her name. He also tattooed her name on his hand to show his affection. Lil Uzi has moved into JT’s $4.4 million house in bell canyon, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Megan Thee Stallion wants to date Yung Miami, too. She’s a mystery. According to fresh evidence, the two famous ladies are dating on and off.

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City Girls Friendship Highlights

Yung Miami and JT were friends before they became performers. Opa Locka and Liberty City, where Yung Miami and JT grew up, are economically disadvantaged. JT’s mother struggled with drug addiction; it has been revealed.

Yung Miami’s mother was jailed for hit-and-run when she was a teenager. JT and Yung Miami met in middle school in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The highest-earning musicians and rappers became pals and started visiting high school dance clubs together. After high school, the pals started performing as a rap duo at strip clubs, block parties, and nightclubs.

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City Girls Early Life and Career

City Girls Net Worth

JT was born in Liberty City, Florida, on December 3, 1992. She gave birth to Yung Miami in Opa Loca, Miami, on February 11, 1994. Both happened in Florida. Both girls grew up in violent areas and performed in nightclubs, strip clubs, and block parties before age 17.

Yung Miami had to become an influencer and advertise her fashion company before pursuing acting. This artist’s hits include Do it on the Top, Twerk, and Female Calculator. “F**k Dat N*gga” was the City Girls’ debut single.

After the success, JT’s career stalled when he was arrested for credit card fraud. The charges were later dismissed.

Yung Miami didn’t care since he planned to promote the track on social media. She tipped club DJs who played the tune. After releasing JT, the duo signed with Quality Control Music.

The song became famous online and reached number 5 on the Billboard 200. Trina appeared in the video, which was published in January 2018. Due to their tremendous careers and huge earnings, the City Girls are among the wealthiest celebrities.

How Did City Girls Become So Popular?

Yung Miami and JT make comprise the American hip-hop duo City Girls. Immediately following the release of their most popular tracks, they gained worldwide popularity.

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