NBA Youngboy’s Net Worth: How Rich Is Rapper And Singer Youngboy?

As of the month of July 2022, NBA Youngboy has an estimated net worth of six million dollars. Let’s discover Youngboy’s net worth.

Louisiana-born rapper, singer, and composer NBA Youngboy is a member of the American hip hop scene. Between the years of 2015 and 2017, he would independently release eight mixtapes in local and online venues, and he would progressively amass a cult following as a result of his work.

Rappers such as Trippie Redd, Kevin Gates, and Lil Uzi Vert are among many who have worked along with Youngboy.

Quick Facts about Youngboy

  • Life Before Fame was the title of NBA Youngboy’s debut mixtape, which he released when he was just 14 years old. This was followed by three more mixtapes titled Mind of a Menace, Mind of a Menace 2, and Mind of a Menace 3, all of which were released in quick succession. NBA Youngboy is currently 25 years old.
  • The year 2016 marked the beginning of his meteoric rise to fame, which was largely attributable to the success of his mixtape named 38 Baby, which received millions of views on YouTube.
  • NBA YoungBoy was taken into custody before the end of 2016 on suspicion of murder in the first degree; he was released some months later, in May of 2017.
  • He was incarcerated, but that did not prevent him from continuing to create music; in fact, he released several singles while he was there.
  • His first studio album, titled Until Death Call My Name, was made available to the public in April of 2018, and in April of 2020, he made available to the public his second studio album, titled Top.

NBA Youngboy’s Early Life

NBA Youngboy’s Net Worth

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden was born on October 20th, 1999 in the city of Baton Rouge, which is located in the state of Louisiana. Gaulden suffered a fracture to his neck when he was a young child; as a result, he was required to use a makeshift head brace for a limited amount of time.

His forehead now has three permanent scars as a result of the brace. Gaulden’s father received a sentence of fifty-five years in jail after Gaulden was born. After that, his paternal great-grandmother became his primary caregiver and raised him.

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Youngboy’s Career

When he was only fourteen years old, NBA YoungBoy got his start in the music production industry. As NBA YoungBoy, he debuted with the release of his debut mixtape in 2014 titled “Life Before Fame.” After that, he released a series of mixtapes, some of which were titled “Mind of a Menace,” “Mind of a Menace 2,” and “Mind of a Menace 3,” respectively.

In 2016, YoungBoy made his debut into the public eye with his incredibly successful mixtape titled “38 Baby,” which was viewed millions of times on YouTube. After that, he engaged in what is known as a “song-for-song rap beef” with another rapper from Baton Rouge named Scotty Cain.

In May of 2017, YoungBoy released the song “Untouchable,” which went on to become a massive smash. On the Billboard Hot 100 list, the single reached its highest position at number 95. After that, he released a music video for his song titled “41.”

In 2018, YoungBoy released the track “Outside Today,” which catapulted his career to new heights. The song had the highest chart position of his whole career, reaching its highest point on the Billboard Hit 100 at number 35.

One of YoungBoy’s forthcoming releases is his first studio album, titled “Until Death Call My Name,” and it is anticipated that the album will be made available in April of 2018.

Youngboy’s Best Highlights

  • No Smoke (Song, 2017)
  • Realer (Album, 2018)
  • Bandit (Song, 2019)

Youngboy’s Favourite Quotes

NBA Youngboy’s Net Worth

  • “I wanted to be a rapper and I couldn’t focus and do that. I didn’t even have the clothes for that shit. It really felt like I wasn’t smart enough, so what the fuck I’m there for?” – NBA Youngboy
  • “That was like a dream come true. That ain’t like me signing to no rapper. And they gave me that fuckin’ bag when I was 16.” – NBA Youngboy
  • “She tried to make it seem like my music’s making people die. That’s exactly what she said to me in court.” – NBA Youngboy

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