Star Align Anime Season 2: When Will Season 2 of Stars Align Come Out?

In December 2019, the 12th episode of the original anime “Stars Align” was the last one. Let’s find out more about Star Align Anime Season 2.

Soon after, director Kazuki Akane said that the show, which was originally called Two-Cour, would get a Stars Align Season 2; he has now given an update on the show’s progress.

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Star Align Anime Season 2

The Plot for the Second Season of Stars Align

“Prince of Tennis” was a great tennis anime, and that’s all I remember about it. So, unlike most other sports anime shows, this one isn’t just about basketball and volleyball. The main focus of the story, which takes place in a typical high school, is on the people in it.

People who like good stories about the underdog will get a lot of inspiration from these kinds of sports events. Because of this, “Hoshiai no Sora” is a must-see for fans of anime.

The first season of the show is over, and you may be wondering if it will get a second season. This page has everything you need to know about it. The soft tennis club at a junior high school is almost over because not enough students join.

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So, Touma Shinjou really wants Maki Katsuragi, a talented student and member of his club, to join him. He agrees to play, but Katsuragi insists on paying him so he can keep playing. The two agree to save the tennis club at their school and win the next state title.

Who Will Be in Season 2 of Stars Align?

Maki Katsuragi, whose voice is done by Justin Briner, is likely to show up in Season 2 of Stars Align. Even though he is a great student, he is not very good at tennis, but he quickly becomes the best player in the soft tennis club. After his parents got divorced, he moved in with his mother and now runs errands for the family.

In Season 2 of Stars Align, Josh Grelle voices Toma Shinjo, who is the captain of the school’s soft tennis team. Before Maki came along, he was the only one who really cared about the game.

Characters like Itsuki Ameno (Derick Snow) and Rintaro Fusu (Garret Storms), Tsubasa Soga (Rico Fajardo), Shingo Takenouchi (Adam Gibbs), Nao Tsukinose (Matt Shipman), and Taiyo Ishigami (Taiyo Ishigami) are also expected in Season 2. (voiced by Dallas Reid).

Kaori Kasuga, Aya Katsuragi, Kenji Kyobate, and Toma’s mother, who are all voiced by Tia Ballard and Mikaela Krantz, are also expected to be on the show.

Star Align Anime Season 2

What Do We Know So Far About Stars Align Season 2?

Star Align is a unique Japanese anime TV show that was written and put together by Kazuki Akane at Studio 8bit. In December 2019, the 12th episode was the last one.

A short time later, director Kazuki Akane said that the show, which was originally called “Two-Cour,” would get a second season called “Stars Align,” which he has now done.

In this series, we’ve been following the story of the middle school’s soft tennis club, which is about to be shut down because not many students are interested in it.

Touma Shinjou, who wants to save his club, asks a skilled classmate, Maki Katsuragi, to join the group that wants to represent their school in a tournament coming up.

Katsuragi agrees, but he wants money in return, so he asks for money. The two of them then made a deal to become the next state champions and save their school’s tennis club at the same time.

Reviews and Ratings of Stars Align Season 2

There seems to be some kind of competition between the two main characters in the show.

The people who made it worked very hard to add layers to the story and make it about a lot more than just soft tennis and a club. The 12 episodes do a great job of showing how the story and characters change and grow.

The author went into the depths of each teammate’s life and made sure that they all had their own problems, just like real people do.

It’s almost like all the young men were going through some kind of trouble, but they kept going and stayed in the group because soft tennis is the future and makes people happy and proud.

Since there are only 12 episodes in the whole series, I’d also suggest that you watch the show on your own, write your own reviews, and leave them in our comment box.

Star Align Anime Season 2

When Will Season 2 of Stars Align Come Out?

The first season of “Stars Align” began on October 11, 2019, and ran for 12 episodes until December 27, 2019. “Stars Align” has gotten better reviews than other recent sports anime, and fans can’t wait for the second season.

The director of the anime, Kazuki Akane, tweeted that the first season was supposed to have 24 episodes but was cut down to 12 because of scheduling problems. This is good news for these fans. On Twitter, he says that the anime will come back in some way and that until then, fans of the show should help it in any way they can.

So, now that the show’s director has confirmed that there will be a second season of “Stars Align,” you can expect the second season to come out in 2023, according to sources within the show.

Trailer of Star Align Anime Season 2

We don’t have any official trailer for this season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does “Stars Align” Have a Second Part?

Even though Stars Align was canceled at a bad time, director Akane Kazuki says he still wants to keep making it. Plans still call for Stars Align to go on.

What Happened When All the Stars Lined Up?

In the last game, Maki and Toma keep beating up on the Its use brothers, but the brothers find their rhythm again and win the game in the end. Even though they lost the game, Maki, Toma, and their team still see it as a win in some ways.

How Many Episodes Are on Stars Align?

The first season has 12 episodes, which is a lot.

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