Steve And Noi Divorce: What Happened Between Steve and Noi?

The way Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy talked about their breakup on Instagram were as different as night and day. Read on to find out more about the Steve and Noi divorce story.

Compared to many of the other couples on the show, the couple didn’t seem to have as much trouble as most of the others. Fans seemed to want them to stay together when they first met on the show, but when their relationship started to show cracks, people started to wonder if it would last.

About Steve and Noi

Noi and Steve first showed up on Married at First in season 14. Compared to some of the other couples in Season 14, like Lyndsey and Olajuwon’s fight on the plane, theirs was pretty calm. After the show, the couple didn’t say much about their relationship and didn’t say if they were married or not.

Steve and Noi Divorce

Fans started to analyze their relationship when they saw that Noi seemed to be more in love with Steve than he was with her. For example, it was brought up that she didn’t like his outdoor hobbies, which seemed to be another reason why he didn’t think they were a good match. Noi’s hopeless romantic side scared Steve and made him look like he wasn’t as committed as he was.

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Noi posted Instagram stories set to breakup music, which could mean she’s putting herself back on the market with a “Divorce feels good” caption of herself smiling on a paddle board and a “Take back your narrative (even though your voice shakes)” on the same paddle board as she seems to have disabled comments but left her DM open.

She’s just being safe and self-filtering by keeping fans in the dark. On the other hand, Steve replied with a long text on his Instagram.

He seemed surprised that the news of their private breakup got out quickly. “We haven’t seen each other in a while, and we’re both ready to move on. There’s not much hope that we can get back together… This unexpected news makes it clear that it’s time to let go. Steve chose not to say anything, but it was clear that he didn’t like having to talk about the divorce so quickly.

Steve and Noi Divorce

Steve Nguyen

Noi apparently replied to Steve’s (Instagram) long Instagram post by telling him to be honest about their split. Noi replied to Steve’s post, “You asked for the divorce. I begged you to stay, and you said, “You don’t owe me anything. You’re already seeing other people.” Before Noi’s comment was taken down, it was put back up on Monsters & Critics.

Divorce of Steve and Noi

Noi may have tried to hide how upset she was about the divorce, but it came across as childish and was a time bomb waiting to go off. The Married at First Sight couple did have their public moment of drama, with many people commenting on Steve’s post that he was ready for marriage and would find the right woman.

Most of the comments on Steve’s post were supportive and told him he did a good job with his answer and that he didn’t let anyone down in the controversial matter of keeping things private. Steve’s long answer could be seen as either thoughtful or planned since it did make Noi’s emotions explode.

Steve and Noi Divorce

Whether it was on purpose or not, the two knew how to get at each other online. When things have calmed down, they might be able to work things out and be friends again.

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What Happened Between Steve and Noi?

He wrote at the time, “We have been choosing not to share some things while we work through and figure out things, but we know that some people will want to know more.” “…When our relationship was at its best, it was really special and full of love.

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