Trying Season 3 Is Officially Confirmed on Apple Tv+: Important Updates

Will the Apple TV+ show Trying get a second season? Here is all the information you want about Trying Season 3.

The narrative centers on Nikki and Jason, a couple trying frantically to have a child but encountering difficulties. They decide to adopt in order to have the child they desire, but they soon discover that the adoption procedure comes with a number of unexpected challenges and surprises. The British comedy television program Trying was created by Andy Wolton. Due to its accurate portrayals of infertility and adoption, the series has been a critical and commercial success since its premiere.

It’s an intriguing tale of a young couple that wants to have children, with an amazing cast of characters and an engaging subplot. Furthermore, both the audience and reviewers have given the series favorable ratings, thus its renewal is not unexpected. So that you can get ready for the new season, we’ve put up a synopsis of everything you need to know about the release date, storyline, and actors. To learn more about Trying Season 3, keep reading.

Trying Season 3 Plot

The most important thing is that failures do not destabilize individuals when they desire something. It is doubtful that they would ever get back to their excruciating dream if they give up and stop trying. Nikki sincerely desired to become a mother. They spent a huge amount of money on IVF even though self-conception did not result in anything. The woman is already weary of stress, false hopes, and endless exams. An adopted child wasn’t a horrible idea, she and her husband thought. Because the infant will be in a new, caring environment, it could even be better.

Trying Season 3 Release date

However, they were unaware that before they could take their kid, they had to sign a million paperwork and pass through a billion checks. But they are willing to put on their boots and give it a shot.

Trying Season 3 Release Date

Trying, a comedy series produced by Apple TV+, will return for season three on July 22.

The focus of “Trying” is on Nikki and Jason as they navigate the adoption process. Starring are Rafe Spall and Esther Smith. Andy Wolton, working with BBC Studios, is the show’s writer and producer.

Trying Season 3 Release date

The third season’s eight episodes will air from July 22 until September 9. The third season’s plotline follows the couple as they go through the ups and downs of becoming new parents.

Trying Season 3 Cast

As will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, the third season may include some new cast members as well as the departure of existing characters. As of May 20, 2022, the network has not yet revealed any new casting announcements, therefore it is expected that the current cast will return to continue the plot from the previous season. A list of notable cast members who will reprise their roles has been prepared.

  • As Nikki Newman, Esther Smith
  • As Jason Ross, Rafe Spall
  • As Penny, Imelda Staunton
  • As Erica, Ophelia Lovibond
  • Oliver Freddy is Chris.
  • Karen Sian Brooke
  • As Jennifer/Jen, Robyn Cara
  • Vic is Phil Davis.
  • Sandra is Paula Wilcox.
  • As Jilly, Marian McLoughlin
  • As John, Roderick Smith
  • As Sofia, Diana Pozharskaya
  • Jane as Cush Jumbo
  • As Deven, Navin Chowdhry


The third season of Trying has not yet received an official trailer. You may view the Season 2 trailer below till then:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jason cheated in Trying?

Jason is very suspect because it has been implied that he cheated on another woman with Nikki. Things appear that the series purposefully leaves it up for a second season because, given Jason’s advancement, one has to believe Nikki will be seeing Sofia soon.

Where was the movie Trying shot?

Trying, unlike the other Apple TV shows, has a very British vibe, which is greatly aided by the fact that it was filmed in several iconic London places.

Cameron left Southern Charm for what reasons?

Because her “priorities have shifted,” according to Cam, she quit “Southern Charm.” Although a large portion of Cameran’s book, One Day You’ll Thank Me, is on the lessons she’s learned from being a mother and even from her time on The Real World, she did talk about what made her decide to leave reality television.