Tim White Net Worth: What Is the Cause of His Death?

Tim White was born on March 25, 1954, in the United States. Previously, he worked as a professional wrestling referee. The SmackDown! brand of World Wrestling Entertainment hired him to produce shows. Over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, White not only served as a referee but also worked as an assistant to the legendary André the Giant. While working as André the Giant’s agent, White began officiating games on the side in 1985.

Shortly after Andre’s death in 1993, White transitioned into a full-time refereeing career. His appearances at pay-per-views and WWF TV tapings increased significantly. The Undertaker vs. Mankind Hell in a Cell match was officiated by White on June 28th, 1998 at King of the Ring.

tim white net worth

White was set to declare the match over after Mankind was thrown hard in the ring after falling through the top of the cell. White believed Mick Foley had been seriously injured and would require medical attention. Foley, on the other hand, pleaded with White not to. Wrestling fans around the world know it as one of the most renowned matches ever.

On January 9, 2009, White resigned from WWE after 24 years of service. When WWE stars made public appearances and signed autographs, White made sure they were well-protected. The HBO documentary André the Giant, which includes multiple interviews with White, will premiere on April 10, 2018. In June 2021, he was on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures list.

On the 19th of June 2022, White passed away at the age of 68.

What Is the Net Worth of Tim White?

Tim White was a referee in the world of professional wrestling. During his tenure, he was a referee for a number of memorable wrestling matches while working for WWE for a total of 24 years. It was believed that he had a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Tim White Cause of Death

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) held a memorial service in honor of the iconic official, who had a long and fruitful career in which he served the wrestling giant in a variety of capacities over the course of approximately 25 years. He had reached an advanced age and had been having some health issues, so he passed away while he was sleeping.

tim white net worth

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) released a statement saying that it was “heartbroken” to learn of the passing of longtime referee Tim White.

Shawn Michaels, who is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, expressed his condolences on Twitter upon learning of Dave Hebner and Tim White’s passing. I got the distinct honor of interacting with both of them both inside and outside of the ring during the course of our time together. Both of them were wonderful human beings. My sincerest condolences go out to their family members.

Tim White Injury

White’s in-ring career was largely interrupted by a shoulder injury, although White continued to play a significant role in WWE, working behind the scenes as an official and talent agent until 2009.

After sustaining a shoulder injury during a Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Chris Jericho at the Judgment Day pay-per-view, White had to scale back his ring time.

Tim White’s Private Life

Tim White, a referee for WWE, was a married guy, and many people have expressed their condolences to his bereaved wife and children.

Despite this, precise information regarding his family, including his wife and children, has not been disclosed.

White has appeared on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, which first aired in June 2021. In addition to competing in and officiating WWE matches, White has also participated in this show.

Honors and achievements

  • Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame of New England
  • Award for “New England Icon” (2010)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tim White’s age?

68 years ( 1954-2022)

Why did Tim White decide to retire?

At WrestleMania XX in 2004, White made a comeback to officiate the match between Chris Jericho and Christian. Unfortunately, he suffered a shoulder injury again during the bout’s final three-count, ending his career as a referee.

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