Superman & Lois Season 2 Confirmed in 2022: Watch BTS Video

The extremely popular CW show Superman & Lois is scheduled to return for a season 2. The show’s stars, Alex Garfin, and Elizabeth Tulloch who play Jordan Kent, and Lois Lane respectively, unveiled a new behind-the-scenes trailer at the DC fandome event.

Superman’s childhood home in Smallville, where he now lives with his wife Lois and their two children, was shown briefly by Alex and Elizabeth. The CW plans to air the second installment during the “midseason” in 2022. There were 15 episodes in the first season, which debuted this February.

Superman & Lois Season 2 – Behind-The-Scenes

Garfin, and Tulloch welcome viewers to their on-screen home in the set tour video. The two begin in the kitchen, where Tulloch reveals that Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin keeps his personal belongings in a drawer. She then proceeded to show her personal drawer, which is filled with all sorts of mementos and candies.

Garfin surprises his fans by revealing that he truly plays the piano in his living room, and then proceeds to demonstrate his impressive piano skills. How did we miss the fact that the Man of Steel’s younger son is also an accomplished musician?

This film features Hoechlin as Clark Kent / The last Son of Krypton and Tulloch as his wife, Lois Lane who also happens to be a tenacious journalist. Jonathan Clark (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan Elsass (Garfin) are played by Elsas and Elsass respectively. Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Clark’s old friend, Lana Lang, while Erik Valdez plays Lana’s husband Kyle Cushing. Sarah, Lana and Kyle’s daughter, is played by Inde Navarrette.

The Stranger is actually played by Wolé Parks. He is known as John Henry Irons, a brilliant technologist who constructed a body armor suit that grants him superhuman abilities. The Riverdale star Djouliet Amara will play a mysterious transfer student at Jonathan and Jordan’s school, Smallville High, in the new season.

Created by Todd Helbing, and Greg Berlanti, the CW series has its roots in the Arrowverse timeline. The Flash, one of the most popular shows in the Arrowverse, debuted a new trailer for its upcoming eighth season.

It’s really entertaining and wholesome to see the Man of Steel fighting aliens and buying groceries and fixing pipes. Tell us your favorite moments from the show, mine is SSSHHH!!! no spoilers!

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