Are Nurys and Horacio Still Together? What Are There Future Plans?


Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr., well-known reality TV stars, rose to prominence after competing on MTV’s The Challenge. Horacio first captured the audience’s attention in Season 38, Ride or Die, when he formed what appeared to be a platonic friendship with Olivia Kaiser. However, it was with Nurys Mateo, who made her debut in the same season, that a love relationship blossomed. The couple returned as a couple in Season 39, The Battle for a New Champion, exciting viewers with the evolution of their romance against the show’s competitive backdrop.

Are Nurys and Horacio Still a Couple?

The Challenge has fostered unexpected romances and fierce competition. In Season 39, “Battle for a New Champion,” Nurys and Horacio, who initially gained attention in Season 38, have returned, and their influence has been felt not only in the challenges but also in the emotional realm. Fans are eagerly following the duo’s voyage as they navigate the intricacies of the game, where a romance has blossomed.

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The burning issue on the minds of fans: Is Horacio and Nurys still together? The connection between Nurys and Horacio appears to be genuine, despite the show’s proclivity for showmanship. In a recent social media Q&A session, Nurys provided supporters with a flurry of excitement by sharing insights into their relationship.

Are Nurys and Horacio Still Together

Nurys asserts that they have been in a romantic relationship since the production of “Battle for a New Champion,” and their affection has only intensified.

This emerging infatuation appears to be irresistible in spite of the prolonged distance. Nurys disclosed their forthcoming initiatives. Horacio, who is presently filming an All-Stars version of Exatlon Estados Unidos, will be joining her in Los Angeles upon his completion of filming. She disclosed this information.

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Afterward, the couple is scheduled to make a significant relocation to Texas together, demonstrating a dedication that transcends the confines of the reality show.

Future Plans of Nurys and Horacio

After completing up production for the All-Stars edition of Exatlon Estados Unidos, Nurys hinted that Horacio will be moving to Los Angeles in December 2023, giving fans a glimpse into their future goals.

Their decision to live together and start a life outside of The Challenge highlights how deeply committed and devoted they are to one another, going beyond the competitive nature of the show. Enthusiastic followers look forward to the next phases of their relationship and are excited to see how it develops in the face of the obstacles the game presents.

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