Is Natanael Cano Still Alive? What Triggered Cano’s Death News?


Natanael Ruben Cano Monge is a Mexican vocalist, musician, and rapper. Natanael is renowned for his innovative blend of trap music and regional Mexican corridos, which are referred to as corridos tumbados. Dan Sanchez, the author of Natanael’s inaugural corrido tumbado, “Soy el Diablo,” suggested the concept of merging the two genres.

Rumors Regarding Natanael’s Demise

The musician is alive and well, and the rumors have since been disproven. However, the origins of the rumors are as follows. He is recognized for his distinctive combination of American hip-hop and traditional Mexican corridors. The singer was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, and developed a passion for music and performing at a young age.

At the age of 13, he trained himself to play the guitar and drew inspiration from Mexican musician Ariel Camacho. He withdrew from school at the age of 16 and released his debut single, “El de los lentes Gucci,” on YouTube. Cano is the first Mexican to be recognized as the artist of the month through Apple Music Up Next and has now established partnerships with Warner Music Latin and Apple Music.

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Why is Trending ‘Natanael Cano Dead’?

Speculations of Cano’s demise have been spreading on the internet. It has been verified that they are fraudulent. He is the most recent individual to have been targeted by a death fake that has gained national attention.

Was Natanael Cano Involved in a Car Accident?

In April 2021, it was announced that the rapper had been in a serious car accident. According to, the musician posted a video to Instagram of a car with its front end shattered. In 2022, Cano was alleged to have been involved in another motocross accident in Sonora.

Is Natanael Cano Still Alive

What is the Net Worth of Natanael Cano?

Cano’s total worth is estimated to be $6 million. Although it is believed that he has sponsorship agreements with numerous brands, his primary source of income is his music. The singer’s music videos have garnered millions of views and has amassed millions of followers on social media.

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He is regarded as one of the most influential artists in the Regional Mexican genre. Cano was born in Hermosillo, Sonora. At the age of seven, Cano demonstrated his abilities at family gatherings, celebrations, and other occasions to which he was invited.

At thirteen, he began teaching himself to play the piano by learning the song “Rayando el Sol” by the Mexican band Maná from YouTube. Then, he concentrated on regional Mexican corridos, such as those written by Ariel Camacho, who served as his primary source of inspiration.

Three years later, at the age of sixteen, he dropped out of Santa Ana High School and published his first song on YouTube, “El de los lentes Gucci.” This song was the first to fuse hip-hop/trap with corridos, which he now refers to as “corridos tumbados.”

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