Are The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta Again Getting Back Together? Let’s Check!

The reunion of Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky, who were previously romantically involved, on The Challenge All Stars season 4 is a source of fascination as the two women reflect on their toxic past. The forthcoming season chronicles the competitive landscape as the former lovers navigate it, following an on-and-off relationship that was characterized by accusations of infidelity.

Nicole’s brief mention of their difficulties during The Challenge: After-The-Show for Vendettas season suggests that unresolved tensions persist, despite the fact that they parted ways years ago. Nicole and Laurel’s reunion appears to ignite pyrotechnics; however, as the season progresses, old wounds resurface. Either they will establish a shared understanding or they will ultimately experience a lack of success in the competition.

Did The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta Get Back Together?

When season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars was recorded in May 2023, Laurel and Nicole were not communicating. However, while filming the episode, they began to rekindle their love.

After filming ended, observant viewers saw social media activity that appeared to indicate the women were back together. Nicole shared an Instagram Story photo, and viewers spotted Laurel in the background.

However, the MTV stars were unable to clarify their relationship status before the season premiered. In a preview interview prior to the premiere, Laurel assured fans that they would witness how things unfolded on the show.

Are Laurel and Nicole Still Together

Unfortunately, their apparent reconciliation was brief. By the beginning of 2024, Nicole and Laurel had engaged in an online social media war, and it was evident that they were no longer in a relationship. It all started in January, when Nicole shared a photo with her new lover with the message, “This is what a healthy relationship looks like.”

Why Did The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta Split?

Nicole and Laurel addressed their separation on the December 2019 episode of Ex on the Peak. Laurel acknowledged that she had a hunch that Nicole had cheated on her during their relationship when she first appeared on the program. She desired definitive responses. Nicole also stated in 2018 that the separation occurred after she was “caught” conversing with other individuals on the phone.

The separation also seemed to be influenced by distance, as Nicole was in New York and Laurel was residing in Montana. By the conclusion of their relationship, Laurel stated that the two were perpetually at odds.

By the conclusion of the filming, the women had reached an amicable agreement with one another; however, they resolved not to reconcile.

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