Who is Lainey Wilson Dating? All About Wilson’s Boyfriend Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges!

Although Lainey Wilson may possess a heart that resembles a truck, her beau is not subjecting it to the mud. In May 2023, the Academy of Country Music Awards marked the debut of the country vocalist and Yellowstone star’s partner, Devlin “Duck” Hodges.

Nevertheless, they have been in a relationship for a significantly lengthier period, and Lainey is gradually disclosing more information about their relationship to her fans, including the reason for their relative secrecy.

Who is Lainey Wilson’s Boyfriend Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges?

Devlin may be recognizable to football enthusiasts, as he was previously a quarterback at Samford University in Alabama. Subsequently, the Pittsburgh Steelers inked him as an undrafted free agent in 2019.

In September 2021, he signed with the Ottawa Redblacks. However, the team announced Devlin’s retirement from professional football less than a year later, in April 2022. Devlin is currently engaged in the sale of real estate in Louisiana through Mossy Oak Properties.

Devlin is recognized for his exceptional waterfowl calling abilities, in addition to his football prowess. He emerged victorious in the 2018 Alabama State Duck Calling Championship. Nevertheless, this is not the manner in which he acquired the appellation “Duck.”

Who is Lainey Wilson Dating

His collegiate football coach expressed his admiration for him, stating, “You are one of the most exceptional quarterbacks I have ever encountered.” “You remind me of one of my favorite quarterbacks with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate years ago, whom we affectionately referred to as Duck,” Lainey shared. “Consequently, the team began to refer to him as Duck.”

When Did They Start Dating?

The couple started dating one other in 2021 after meeting through mutual friends in Nashville. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Wilson described arriving at a dance hall and saloon for their first date, which was known for its inexpensive cocktails and live music.

“We went to this old place called Silverados, and it had free beer and wine from 5 to 10 p.m.,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘This dude likes to party on a budget, too. “This is going to work out.”

Who is Lainey Wilson Dating

The two struck it off right away and have been together ever since, but they have kept their relationship private for more than two years. “I said, ‘We’re gonna see if you’re in it for the right reasons,'” Wilson told PEOPLE of her decision to keep quiet about their relationship for so long. “Turns out, he is,” she continued, adding, “it feels really good to talk about it.”

Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges and Wilson Have Attended Several Star-Studded Events Together

In November 2023, Hodges served as Wilson’s companion at the CMA Awards. Cowboy headwear were incorporated into the all-black ensembles worn by the country singer and her partner. Wilson received the award for entertainer of the year later that evening. She kissed Hodges, who was glowing with pride, before stepping on stage to deliver her acceptance speech.

“This is the sole thing I have ever desired.” While fighting back tears, she stated, “It finally feels like country music is starting to love me back.” In a brief statement, Wilson expressed his gratitude to Hodges for his assistance, stating, “I love you, Duck.” The couple attended the CMT Awards in Austin, Texas in April 2024, where Wilson was awarded the female video of the year.

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