MasterChef Junior Season 10 Release Date: Who Will Participate In The New Season?

Season 10 of MasterChef Junior says, “Cut it up, stir it up, and drain it.” There are plates with designs, spoons of different sizes, and knives that are very sharp. In a cooking show, you’ll see these things. Some people think cooking shows are easy, but they’re actually meant to be tough.

It’s simple to say you’re a good cook, but can you quickly think of a new recipe? For the most part, the food should have the right amount of ingredients, be cooked according to the directions, and taste just right.

We see how the contestants make the meals from scratch as they use their skills with different cooking tools. There is more stress in the kitchen room now that there is a timer.

Will Season 10 Of MasterChef Junior Come Or Not?

There was an announcement in 2023 that season nine would be renewed, so it will show. We do not know a lot about the season 10 at this time. Since season nine just started, we should wait and see how people feel about the show.

Since there have been nine seasons of the show, it’s likely that it will be picked up for a tenth season in the future.

MasterChef Junior Season 10 Release Date

The next season of MasterChef Junior is about to start, so we should wait until the current season is over before moving on to the next one. We won’t hear anything about the next season for a while.

MasterChef Junior Season 10 Release Date

A lot of information about season 10 has been scarce, so stay up to date on the news. Twelve people are ready to show off their cooking skills in the new season and are determined to win the title of MasterChef Junior.

Monday, March 4th, was the first day of the season. Since we haven’t heard anything new about how many shows this season will have, we should just wait for them to come out. While you are at this you may also like to know about the release date of Masters of the Air Episode 9

Who Are The New Judges For Season 10 Of MasterChef Junior?

Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, Daphne Oz, and Tilly Ramsay are the judges for Season 10.

The judges will look at the kids’ food with care and respect. They will be told what’s good and bad about them so they can make it better. The kids will have a new job to do after each episode of the show, and they will be checked off on those tasks.

For the kids, what was good, bad, and could have been better will be used to judge them.

Contestants Of MasterChef Junior Season 10

Judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, Daphne Oz, Tilly Ramsay
  • Alfred Eggermont, Age: 11, Hometown: Binford, ND, Food Dream: To write a Midwest kids’ cookbook
  • Asher, Age: 8, Hometown: Yakima, WA, Food Dream: To become a chef and write a cookbook
  • Bre, Age: 10, Hometown: Burbank, CA, Food Dream: To open an affordable food truck
  • Bryson, Age: 11, Hometown: Opelika, AL, Food Dream: To have a cheese mobile food truck
  • Jason, Age: 9, Hometown: San Gabriel, CA, Food Dream: To have a TV show and write a cookbook
  • Jordyn, Age: 8, Hometown: Greensboro, NC, Food Dream: To open a restaurant
  • Kristell, Age: 10, Hometown: Austin, TX, Food Dream: To have a food truck
  • Lilo, Age: 9, Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI, Food Dream: To open a restaurant
  • Lydia, Age: 9, Hometown: Atlanta, GA, Food Dream: To open a restaurant
  • Michael, Age: 11, Hometown: New Smyma, FL, Food Dream: To open a restaurant with his mom
  • Miles, Age: 10, Hometown: College Station, TX, Food Dream: To write a kids’ cookbook
  • Remy, Age: 10, Hometown: Hollywood, FL, Food Dream: To connect with my community through cooking

There are 12 contestants for the new season, season nine of MasterChef Junior.

What Did Season 9 Of MasterChef Junior End With?

New York 10-year-old Liya Chu is the winner of Season 8. Grayson Price, 11, from Austin, Texas, is the runner-up for Season 8.

The ninth season has just begun. We will have to wait and see what happens with the contestants. The twelve contestants from season nine will compete to win the show and the $100,000 prize. The kids have to follow a different set of rules for each season, and one child is cut every round.

Contestants Of MasterChef Junior Season 10

The first show, which aired on March 4, 2024, was based on an emoji. Each of the twelve kids was given an image cookie, which they had to use to build a dish. The dish would show how the person felt about the emoji.

Since the first show just aired, it’s too early to say who will win. But based on the judges’ points and comments, we can tell who will make it to the final and who won’t.


Where To Watch The Show?

On television, the show can be seen on FOX. The show can be watched at two different places. Direct TV and FuboTV. You can’t watch the show on any other website.

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