Best Places To Go In April In US: Don’t Miss These Places If You Are Travelling US In April

In this article, we will talk about some places that are best to discover in April and if you are traveling to the US in April then you are at the right place, just stick to this article so you will know about the amazing places that can not be missed if you love to travel.

Without wasting your precious time let’s dive into the list:

1. Hawaii’s Oahu

In April, Oahu’s holiday season starts, which makes it a very fun time to visit. The Waikiki Spam Jam at the end of the month is a funky way to honor Hawaii’s famous spam-filled food.

Hawaii's Oahu

Great weather and few tourists make April a great month to visit Oahu or any of the Hawaiian Islands. This is because April is in the shoulder season, which is the best of both low and high season. You can get better deals on flights and hotels at this time, and there will be fewer people.

Eighty-five days of sunshine and only five days of rainfall on Oahu in April. That’s great for the beach, so go lay out in the sun!

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2. North Umpqua River, Oregon

In Oregon, when the winter ice melts, the rivers and streams fill up. This makes the area’s famous waterfalls look even more beautiful. Some people don’t like the cold and mud that April can bring, but it’s also a beautiful time to see woods come back to life after a long winter.

North Umpqua River, Oregon

In the summer, a lot of people visit the North Umpqua River area. If you go in April, you might not see many other hikers while you enjoy the cliffs, waterfalls, woods, and canyons.

An Oregon road trip is the best way to see the whole state and get the most out of it.

3. Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic National Park is open all year, but in the winter, many of the roads, trails, and tourist centers are closed. That being said, most of these will be open by April, so you can enjoy everything this amazing national park has to offer.

Olympic National Park, Washington

The best time to walk there and see wildlife before peak season starts is April because it gets crowded at the end of May. Also, the best time to see beautiful gray whales as they move north is now.

This Washington National Park itinerary and a thorough guide to the best hikes in Olympic National Park are not to be missed if you want to see more than one park in the state.

4. Skagit Valley, Washington

Did you know that the best time to see tulips in the US is in April? Should you decide to visit Washington State this spring, the flowers in the beautiful Skagit Valley will give you a wide range of colors to enjoy. In April, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival takes place, giving you a chance to see the tulips in full bloom.

Skagit Valley, Washington

If you’re coming from Seattle, this full-day trip includes snacks, transportation, and a fair ticket. It makes it very easy for people from out of town to get to the event.

5. Carlsbad, California

In April, this small beach town in California is a dream come true. Go to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch right now to see roses, ranunculus, and many other flowers in full bloom. It’s the height of flower season.

It’s no surprise that so many people come here every year to see the technicolor show made by the fields of color. Don’t wait until noon to visit the Flower Fields; get there as soon as it opens at 9 a.m.

Carlsbad, California

You can drive for about an hour to Lake Elsinore to see plants. There are poppies all around the lake, as far as the eye can see. This is a great thing to bring on a car trip to Southern California!


All In All

Well, these mentioned places are some of the best spots to travel and this is well-researched or complimented places to travel for those people who are looking for travelling spots.

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