Best Places To Skydive In The US: Most Scenic Places To Skydive In The USA

Hey there, other thrill-seekers! People all over the world have dreamed of being able to fly like a superhero, touch a cloud, or feel the wind rush by them as they fly.

For hundreds of years, people have wanted to fly through the sky. In fact, we do it all the time! We learned that skydiving is more than just jumping out of an airplane and falling through the sky.

It’s a beautiful way to feel free, empowered, and grateful for all the beauty in the world. It grabs the attention of thrill-seekers everywhere!

The Most Beautiful Places To Skydive

Overall, skydiving is a mix of exciting excitement and beautiful scenery. The view of Mother Earth from thousands of feet in the air is breathtaking and beautiful no matter where you go flying.

To be honest, though, there are some skydiving spots where the views are truly amazing. The following are our picks for the most beautiful places in the United States to go skydiving:

1. Skydive Key West

Skydive Key West is in the middle of the Florida Keys and lets you jump into heaven! Imagine freefalling against a background of clear turquoise water and lush grass, all while being surrounded by sweet sunshine and a warm island breeze. There is so much beauty in the world that you won’t believe your own eyes!

2. Skydive New England

As you skydive over New England in the fall, you’ll see beautiful leaves. Beautiful to see the leaves change, especially from 14,000 or 18,000 feet up! You’ll have a clear view of the colorful pattern below you, which will make your flying trip a visual treat that you can only get at Skydive New England!

3. Skydive Snohomish 

Skydive Snohomish is the best place to see the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With its grand, snow-capped mountains and peaceful landscapes, Seattle has some of the most beautiful skies in the United States.

best places to skydive in the us

You can see all of this up close and personal here! SkySno is regularly rated as one of the BEST places to skydive in the WORLD! It has a long history that goes back generations, and the views of the Snohomish River Valley are breathtaking.

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Ultimate Skydiving Destination

The best places to skydive in the USA have breathtaking views, great facilities, great customer service, and unique experiences that can only be found at that skydiving company. Here are our top three picks for the best places to go skydiving in the United States:

4. Skydive Perris

Skydivers come to Skydive Perris for more than just the vast scenery of California. Professionalism and great customer service here will make sure that your trip is more than just a leap; it will be a dream come true.

People love Skydive Perris as a skydiving resort because it has a pool, an eatery, and an indoor skydiving center. Even famous people know this dropzone, which is where many skydiving scenes for TV shows and big movies like Iron Man and The Bucket List are shot.

5. Skydive Paraclete XP 

Skydive Paraclete XP really stands out from the rest. It has stunning facilities, a huge fleet of planes, a sister indoor skydiving tunnel, world-class skydivers, and some of the best skydiving teachers in the world.

Whether you’ve been skydiving before or this is your first time, jumping here will instantly make your experience better. Being with some of the best skydivers in the world will definitely make you think and feel motivated.

6. Start Skydiving

Start Skydiving is located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. They have great equipment, are dedicated to safety, and have great customer service. At Start Skydiving, it’s not just a skydive; it’s an adventure that takes you right into the heart of the best skydiving.

This dropzone is run by a family, and skydiving is a great way to teach people important things about life. They also have a great show team and an indoor ropes course. A unique place to go jumping!

What To Do To Pick A Place To Skydive

Safety Considerations

Your safety is the most important thing, so make sure you pick a drop zone that puts safety first. Not always is less expensive better. Find out more about the dropzone and make sure they have certified teachers and high-quality gear.

best places to skydive in the us

Even better, find out if they are a member dropzone of the US Parachute Association (USPA), like we are. This makes sure that they follow strict rules about safety.

Local Places to Go Skydiving

Want to jump but stay close to home? In the United States alone, there are more than 350 skydiving schools, so there is sure to be a safe place to jump near you.

Enter “best place to skydive” or “places to go skydiving near me” to find choices close by that offer both ease of access and an exciting adventure.

Extra Information

We’ve put together more information to help you plan the best skydiving trip ever. From good books to reliable skydiving places, we have everything you need to make your high-flying dreams come true.


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