Wuju Bakery Episode 1 Release Date: What Will Be The Cast And Story

A lot of people all over the world are aware of the BL; or Boy Love series. These BL shows are very popular right now, and almost everyone watches them.

It is now normal to support the LGBTQ community, and that support is being given by people who earn it. So now, following BL is a way to show and share love and support for LGBTQ people.

A lot of people like Thailand, and the BL series is now one of the main reasons why more people like Thailand. Another thing is that South Korea is a very well-known place now thanks to Korean culture, drama, and K-pop.

What do you think? Have you ever thought about seeing a Korean and Thai show together? Drama series, whether they are Korean, Thai, or Chinese, are always fun to watch. The BL series, in particular, gets a lot of attention.

While there aren’t as many Korean BLs as there are Thai ones, they’re not falling behind. There is some news going around right now that is making BL fans crazy, especially those who like both Korean and Thai BLs.

Wuju Bakery is a new Korean BL that is also a Thai BL in many ways. The production company for Wuju Bakery is Korean, and the show was filmed in Korea, so it is officially called a Korean BL series.

It can also be called a Thai BL since it was co-produced in Thailand and has Thai actors in it. Wuju Bakery is now one of the most-searched places for BL fans.

A lot of people are really looking forward to this show and want to know when it will come out. Now you know everything you need to know about Wuju Bakery. Read all the way to the end of the story to find out more about this drama.

Wuju Bakery Episode 1 Release Date

Fans have been dying to watch this drama series since it was first told that Wuju Bakery was being made. Fans can’t wait to watch this BL. There are also Thai stars in the Korean Boy Love series, which is another reason why fans can’t wait.

Wuju Bakery still doesn’t have a set release date. The story will air in March 2024. It’s almost March, but the creators still haven’t told us the exact date.

Wuju Bakery Episode 1 Release Date

We know for sure that Wuju Bakery will come out in March, so we can guess that the story will probably come out in the first week of March. Also, we think it will come out in the last or middle week of March. We’ll let you know as soon as the official release date is set.

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What Will Happen In Season 1 Of Wuju Bakery

The first season of Wuju Bakery should have a great story. There is an alien and a bakery owner in the story. It’s all about these two people getting to know each other. You could say that Wuju Bakery is the love story of an alien and a person.

Also, Jeff and Tinnasit will be on the same screen, which is a huge deal for everyone who loves Black Lightning. A lot of people like Jeff after seeing him in the drama Kinn Porsche, so they’re excited to see Tinnasit and Jeff in the same drama again.

There will be a lot of them, which we didn’t see in Kinn Porsche. Jeff will play Ra On, and Tinnasit will play Wuju.

Wuju owns a small bakery in a small town. Ra On, on the other hand, is an alien whose spaceship crashes into Wuju’s bakery. As Wuju and Ra On start to see each other every day, things start to get heated between them.

The Cast Of Wuju Bakery 2024?

Cast Character
Jeff Satur Ra On
Barcode Tinnasit Is Wuju
Jun In Kyu Unknown
Dion Unknown
Jayson Lee Unknown
Alpha Unknown

Where To Watch The Show?

There is no information about Wuju Bakery’s video service. BL shows are usually streamed on YouTube and other official sites and streaming services, but we don’t know if this story will be there or not.

Wuju Bakery Episode 1 Cast And where to watch

We can’t watch Wuju Bakery yet because it hasn’t come out yet. Once it’s out, we’ll be able to find out where to watch this drama.

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