When Will My Happy Ending Season 2 Come Out? All About Casting And Plot

In the past few years, Korean dramas have become famous all over the world, and now people know what makes them so special.

This year is full of Korean shows that are coming out soon or have already come out. Some came out just last month.

Fans do want one K-drama to come back this year, though: My Happy Ending.

Fans have been hooked on the psychological movie My Happy Ending since it first aired in 2023. Fans have been up all night worrying about this ongoing drama, and some have even started looking for news that might mean there will be a second season of My Happy Ending.

Fans looked into everything they could but couldn’t find any information that would confirm a second season of My Happy Ending.

We will talk about all the information we have about when Season 2 of My Happy Ending will come out, including some possible spoilers and a recap.

My Happy Ending Season 2 Release Date

Many fans have enjoyed the first season of My Happy Ending and are now looking forward to the second season. They looked for news stories that could confirm there would be a second season of My Happy Ending but all they could find said the show had not been renewed yet.

Unfortunately, My Happy Ending has not been picked up for another season yet, which may disappoint fans. On the bright side, the company has not yet decided to cancel the show.

My Happy Ending Season 2 release date

This really means that My Happy Ending might be brought back for another season, but as of right now, there have been no updates from the company.

This could be because the first season is still airing and hasn’t finished showing all of its shows. That’s why we haven’t heard anything about My Happy Ending Season 2.

But there’s a chance that we’ll hear something official soon, and the second season could even come out in 2025.

What Will Be The Plot Of My Happy Ending Season 2?

My Happy Ending fans can’t wait for the second season to start and see what happens. People who have watched the first season so far have become dependent on the surprising plot twists. That’s why they want to see more in the next season.

Sadly, the show has not been renewed yet, so we will have to wait for the studio to officially give us a rundown. Until then, we can only guess what will happen in the next season based on spoilers and news reports.

What the company has planned for us will only become clear over time. Until then, we have to finish the first season of My Happy Ending, which still has a few episodes left to air.

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What Will Be The Cast Of My Happy Ending Season 2?

Here is the list of casting:

Cast Character
Jang Na-ra Seo Jae-won
Son Ho-jun Heo Soon-young
So Yi-hyun Kwon Yun-jin
Lee Ki-taek Yoon Teo
Kim Hong-pa Seo Chang-seok
Park Ho-san Nam Tae-ju

What Happen At The End Of Season 1 Of My Happy Ending?

People who watch My Happy Ending can’t wait to see how the first season ends. There’s always a sense of wanting more in this show, but unfortunately, the season finale of the first season has not yet been played.

Some shows, like the season finale, have not yet aired, even though the first season is live. We will know what will happen and how strange the finish is once the last episode of the first season of My Happy Finish is shown.

My Happy Ending Season 1 recap

IMDB says that the last episode of the first season of My Happy Ending will air on February 18, 2024. That date is very close now.

Where Can We Watch The Show?

People all over the world have come to realize that they can’t avoid the show’s fame, which is why they want to watch My Happy Ending too. For some reason, they don’t know which app to use to stream the show. That’s where we come in to help.

You can watch all of My Happy Ending’s shows on Netflix if you have a subscription to the OTT service.

If you sign up for Netflix and choose the right plan for your needs, you’ll be able to watch all episodes of My Happy Ending as well as other popular TV shows and movies.

You can use your subscription to finish watching My Happy Ending. After that, you can watch any of the many movies and TV shows that are only available on the platform until your membership runs out. While you are at this you may also like to know about the release date of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth


Korean drama My Happy Ending has been a popular show since its first season in 2023. Fans are eagerly awaiting a second season, but have not found any confirmation.

The show has not been renewed yet, but there is a chance it could be released in 2025. The plot of the second season is expected to be more surprising and exciting, with spoilers and news reports predicting the release date.

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