Jenna Marbles Cancer: How Is She Now? Check Out All The Unknown Facts About Her Health

Jenna Marbles, a former YouTube star, has been the topic of many health-related rumors and guesses since she stopped using social media in 2020.

A rumor that she is treating and beating cancer keeps going around. We need to find out if this claim is true and how Jenna Marbles is doing right now.

Is Jenna Marbles Going Through Cancer?

Jenna Marbles, who goes by the stage name Jenna Mourey, sadly announced in a video called “A Message” that she will be leaving social media in June 2020.

She said she was sorry for comments she made in the past that were seen as sexist and racist, took responsibility for what she did, and promised to stop doing anything bad for the world.

Jenna Marbles Cancer

Jenna talked about how she didn’t want to use social media again and stressed how important it is to learn and grow as a person.

About 20 million people who follow Jenna Marbles are worried about her safety and whereabouts since she hasn’t shared anything online since she left and has either deleted or private a lot of her videos from her channel.

However, Jenna Marbles is not sick with cancer, but one of her fans was. She gives care packages to a TikTok fan who is dying.

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Jenna Marbles Sends Care Package To Terminally Ill TikTok Fan

Jenna Marbles hasn’t been on social media since she quit, but in February 2022, she brought a care package to a fan named Jessica Hiatt who was dying of cancer. It was a touching moment.

Jessica had been updating her TikTok followers on her cancer journey and thanking Jenna Marbles for having such a big impact on her life. Jessica posted a video on February 20 in which she talked about how much she liked Jenna Marbles. What she said:

“I have terminal cancer, and I don’t have a lot of time left, and I wanted to share with her how she touched my life. She was one of the people that I tuned into to see every week on YouTube, she was so herself, she made my life better.”

In a video, Jessica talked about how much she admired and appreciated Jenna Marbles’s help in making her life better. “Thank you so much, I’m so happy!” the TikToker wrote in response to Jenna’s gifts.

Cancer took Jessica Hiatt’s life in March 2022. She had been fighting it for two years. Jessica’s family and friends thanked Jenna Marbles on social media for making her last days more pleasant.

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