10 Vampire Movies on Netflix That Are So Scary, You’ll Wish You Had a Stake

10 Scary Vampire Movies on Netflix: There are a lot of different kinds of vampire movies and TV shows on Netflix. Netflix has something for everyone, whether you like old-school monster stories or newer ones.

With well-known movies like “30 Days of Night” and “Underworld: Evolution” and popular TV shows like “Legacies” and “Castlevania,” the streaming service has a lot of scary material for vampire fans.

There are many vampire movies on Netflix, such as “Blood Red Sky,” “Day Shift,” “Viking Wolf,” and “The Wolfman.” Options like “Van Helsing,” “The Order,” “V Wars,” and “Dracula” are available for people who like TV shows that come in episodes.

If you’re a die-hard vampire fan or just want to have a scary night in, Netflix has a lot of movies and TV shows about vampires that will satisfy your need for stories of evil and desire that last forever.

Before you start watching, make sure you have garlic and wooden sticks handy. The world of vampire entertainment on Netflix is very interesting.

1. Blood Red Sky

The scary-thriller “Blood Red Sky” takes the vampire genre to a whole new level. The movie, which was directed by Peter Thorwarth, is about a woman with an unknown illness who takes a transatlantic flight with her son.

When terrorists take over the plane, her secret comes out, changing her into a killer who feeds on blood.

The movie has both intense action and supernatural parts, which makes it a unique and exciting experience. As the people in “Blood Red Sky” fight to stay alive, the tension rises, making the ride into the unknown exciting and unpredictable.

2. Day Shift

“Day Shift” is a magical heist movie directed by JJ Perry. Jamie Foxx plays a dad who works hard but also hunts vampires in secret. The movie takes place in Los Angeles and is funny, scary, and action-packed. The main character cleans pools during the day and tries to get rid of vampires at night.

10 Scary Vampire Movies on Netflix

With a diverse cast and a new take on the vampire theme, “Day Shift” is a fun and different movie to watch. The movie looks at family, duty, and the mysterious, and the story is always changing, so viewers are interested from beginning to end.

3. Viking Wolf

David Ayer’s “Viking Wolf” is an epic historical fantasy movie that combines the violence of Viking war with werewolf mythology. The story is about a Viking fighter who is cursed with the ability to turn into a wolf.

He goes on a quest to find redemption. The movie looks at identity, honor, and the supernatural as he fights both human enemies and his inner beast.

“Viking Wolf” is an intense and captivating movie experience, with beautiful visuals, intense fight scenes, and a unique mix of Viking and werewolf mythology. The fantastical parts are made to feel gritty and real by Ayer’s direction, which makes this movie a thrilling and beautiful trip into the world of Norse mythology.

4. The Wolfman

For fans of the famous Universal Monsters, “The Wolfman” is a great horror movie directed by Joe Johnston. The movie follows Lawrence Talbot, played by Benicio del Toro, as he turns into a werewolf after going back to his family’s farm.

With its moody cinematography and realistic effects, “The Wolfman” is a classic horror movie that mixes tragedy and tension. The movie is a great addition to the werewolf subgenre because it deals with identity issues and the fight against one’s inner fears.

5. 30 Days of Night

An exciting vampire horror movie called “30 Days of Night” was made by David Slade and is based on the same-named graphic book.

In an Alaskan town that goes dark for a month, the movie is about the people who have to fight for their lives against a huge group of bloodthirsty vampires.

With its unique plot and moody setting, “30 Days of Night” is a very scary and suspenseful movie. The stark photography and direction by Slade make this movie stand out in the vampire genre by making you feel alone and like bad things are about to happen.

6. Dark Shadows

“Dark Shadows” is a bloody horror comedy directed by Tim Burton. It’s based on the popular TV show of the same name. The movie stars Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, a vampire who comes to life in the 1970s after being buried for two hundred years. It has magical elements, funny parts, and strange characters.

10 Scary Vampire Movies on Netflix

Burton’s signature visual style and Depp’s quirky performance add to the film’s unique charm. “Dark Shadows” looks at how the old world and the cool ’70s meet. It gives the vampire genre a comedic twist while staying true to Burton’s dark and whimsical style.

7. Underworld: Evolution

“Underworld: Evolution” is an exciting continuation of the vampire vs. werewolf story that began with the first movie. Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire warrior, continues to fight in the war between her kind and the Lycans in this movie directed by Len Wiseman.

The movie explores the complex story of the Underworld universe. It has intense action scenes, stunning visuals, and an interesting plot that looks into how the vampire-werewolf conflict started. As a dark and stylish addition to the series, “Underworld: Evolution” is a powerful mix of Gothic fantasy and supernatural battle.

8. Dampyr

The Italian horror movie “Dampyr” is directed by Riccardo Chemello and is about strange things. The movie is based on the popular comic book series of the same name. It’s about a Dampyr named Harlan Draka who is half human and half vampire.

Harlan goes on a dangerous journey against old vampires because he is supposed to protect people from supernatural threats. “Dampyr” is a new take on vampire stories because it mixes horror, magic, and action. The movie brings the world of comic books to life with moody visuals and an interesting main character, making for a unique and exciting movie-going experience.

9. Let Me In

A British-American horror movie called “Let Me In” was directed by Matt Reeves. It is based on the Swedish movie “Let the Right One In.” Owen is a young boy who makes friends with Abby, a strange girl who turns out to be a vampire from hundreds of years ago.

The movie looks at themes like being alone, friendship, and the sadness that comes with living forever. “Let Me In” stands out for its atmospheric cinematography, strong performances by Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloë Grace Moretz, and a poignant story that transcends typical horror tropes. It’s a haunting and emotionally powerful vampire movie because it skillfully mixes scary parts with a touching coming-of-age story.

10. First Kill

The scary, suspenseful movie “First Kill” is directed by Nick Felice. The movie is about a family going camping. Things get scary when they meet a group of monsters. As the family fights to stay alive against these bloodthirsty creatures, tensions rise.

With a mix of scary and survival elements, “First Kill” has an exciting story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie is an exciting addition to the vampire genre because it looks at our basic need to stay alive when we face supernatural threats.

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